Archcanon Saryoni
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1. Remember the package you got from Sarethi after becoming Redoran Hortator? Since you've fulfilled the requirements for the meeting, you're now, if you choose, ready for a meeting with Saryoni at High Fane in the Vivec Temple District. The High Fane is located in the building above the Hall of Wisdom, but speak first to Danso Indules who's outside in the tunnel between the east and west parts of High Fane. He'll arrange the meeting.

2. Enter the northeast door to High Fane, and in the door directly ahead, you'll find Saryoni. It's locked of course, so you'll have to pick it or open it with a spell. Why you're supposed to meet with him, yet the doors are not open for you is anyone's guess (feature, not a bug).

Tip: Submitted by Brett
Have Chameleon at LEAST 80% on and you won't get caught picking the lock on his door.
Guards are right there, so make sure you drop anything already stolen from any place official in the game (like Vaults) before you unlock the door, or when you pay the fine, they'll also take the goods. You can also enter his room from the Hall of Wisdom through a locked door.

3. Speak with Saryoni and agree to a private meeting with Lord Vivec. He'll give you a key to his back door and a key to enter Vivec's Palace, located south of High Fane and up a large amount of stairs. Also, if you happen to have been in the Temple Cult and were seen by the guards picking or opening the lock, then that's enough to get you expelled. Speak to Saryoni about that to "make amends." The bouyant armigers of Ghostgate are Temple faction, and won't allow you services unless you clear the matter up. It's time to leave and pay a visit to Vivec.