Sharn gro-Muzgob
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1. Hasphat gives you some notes to give to Caius Cosades, so take them over to him to receive your next quest. If you want, you can go back and visit Hasphat for a key to unlock the bottom level of Arkngthand (fixed in patch 1.10605), the dungeon you just visited, or simply pick the lock at level 50 if you happen to have Tower or a scroll.

2. After you receive the Arkngthand quest, if you sleep in Balmora, Vivec or Ald'ruhn you'll begin to receive dream sequences that tell you pieces of the story.

3. After speaking with the Spymaster, he'll tell you to gather information from Sharn gra-Muzgob in the downstairs area of the Balmora Mage's Guild.

4. Before Muzgob will give you information regarding the 6th House or Nerevarine Cults, you'll have to head out near Pelagiad, south of Balmora to recover Andrano's Skull located, where else, but Andrano's Ancestral Tomb.

5. The fastest way to get there is to take the Silt Strider back to Seyda Neen, and then follow the path NE toward Pelagiad. You'll find the tomb located off the left side of the road just south of Pelagiad, in a little triangular cove with the door at the end of it. It's just a little off the road, so once you see a cove area, follow it in to find the door.

6. The skull is at the end of the small tomb, which is filled with fairly easy undead creatures, so when you pick it up, head back to speak with Muzgob, then Caius after that. Select "orders" once again for your new mission, this time as an "Apprentice".