Sul-Matuul of Urshilaku
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1. It probably comes as no surprise that you're meant to fulfill a certain prophesy, as Caius explains. To make sure, Cosades sends you on a quest to test whether you're "the one."

2. Travelling to the Urshilaku Ashlander Camp can be a long journey and slightly difficult to find. The quickest route is from Maar-Gan, taking the river ravine Bani-Dad northwest until you reach the sea. Find the shipwreck, then swim east around the land until you reach the shore again. Pass through if you feel adventurous or go around the Daedric Shrine on your way there, and then continue east on into the camp.

3. Another way is to travel by Silt Strider to Khuul and then follow the coast east to the camp.

4. Without a high personality for Ashlander disposition, you'll have to raise theirs up to 60 for directions on how to speak to Sul-Matuul. You can do this by giving Kwama eggs to Tussurradad or Trama root (found in the camp and nearby) to Hainab. They'll recommend you go see Zabamund, who will then send you to Sul-Matuul.

5. Sul-Matuul requires that you retrieve his father's "Bonebiter Bow" found in the Urshilaku Burial Caverns before you're allowed access to further Ashlander secret beliefs.

6. To find the entrance, head up from the camp to the water, east along the beach to a group of stacked rocks, and then south along the ravine to a north-facing door set in a small mound of earth. The Burial Grounds are directly south-southeast of the camp.

7. If you don't yet have a magic weapon, or cannot cast offensive spells, you'll need to pick up something magical before you enter to defeat the guardian of the bow.

8. This dungeon is divided into many smaller sections. Once inside, make your way through Astral Burial, then Karma Burial to Laterus Burial. There are others that give some nice treasure if you are bold enough (or lost enough) to diverge from the main quest for a few.

9. When you get to Laterus Burial, head up to the very top of the spiraling narrow path to the door to Juno Burial, your quest's destination. Proceed to the Wraith of Sul-Senipul, offensively defend yourself against it (kill it), and search the remains for the Bonebiter Bow.

10. Take the Bow back to Sul-Matuul in Urshilaku Camp and he'll accept you as an honorary member of the clan, and sends you see Nibani Maesa, the wise woman, who divulges a significant portion of useful storyline.

11. See her and you'll learn that you have the potential to be "the one" but in order for her to be your guide, you'll have to acquire the lost prophecies the Dissident Priests recorded and bring them to her.