Divayth Fyr
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1. If you look in the Morrowind Editor under Divayth Fyr, you might be surprised at just how powerful he is. But first you'll have to find him. After speaking with Caius, head to Sadrith Mora, the city on the far east side of Morrowind, via teleportation, Silt Strider, Boat, swimming, levitation, water walking, or by foot on land. You have many options. Once there, you'll want to swim, water walk or levitate due southwest toward Tel Fyr (which will be marked on your map), the large tower on the edge of the coast, not too many frog's leaps away.

2. Inside, you'll find a host of women to talk to, who claim to be Fyr's wives. Don't harm any of them else you'll make Divayth angry. Easy enough.

3. Follow their directions to the wizard and then give him the Dwemer Artifact that Caius gave you, which will bump Fyr's disposition to an agreeable level, at which point he'll offer you an experiemental potion. First, though, you'll need to visit the Corprusarium (since you already have the disease, there's not much risk) and retrieve some boots.

4. Head on down, and enter. If you happen across the guarskin drum, give it to Uupse Fyr (the one next to Yagram Bagarn, the person with the boots) and it will calm the other victims.

5. An opportunity for a faction quest awaits here. You can learn about the disappearance of the Dwarves if you have the quest from the mage guild, just by speaking to the very person who gives the boots to you, Yagram Bagarn.

6. Yagram gives the boots to you freely, so take them up to Divayth and swallow the potion he gives you in front of him. Hmm. Still have corprus, but now with only the positive side effects. Visit Caius now that you're "cured".