Sixth House Cult
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1. It's time to take a bath right about now, so head back to Balmora and speak with Caius (no, he's not interested in that). If you're not level 6 yet, you won't be able to go on the next quest, so come back when you're ready… though it might be wise to gain even a few more.

2. I could tell you right where to go to finish the quest, but if you want to follow the storyline, first go to Buckmoth Legion Fort that's just south of Ald'ruhn. Speak with Raesa Pullia there for some info on what happened to the patrol. You'll find out that the cave of Dagoth Gares is called "Illunibi" and to ask the people in Gnaar Mok for directions, as it's close to there.

3. Head to Gnaar Mok and speak with some of the people to find out that the cave is located just north of Gnaar Mok on a small island, at a place called "Khartag Point".

4. Once inside, the dungeon is pretty straightforward. You'll be traveling through Saint's Carcass, Marowak's Spine, Blackened Heart and finally, to Soul's Rattle, the place where Dagoth Gares is. It's a smallish section of dungeon and you'll have no trouble finding him.

5. Talk to Dagoth (you will have no choice), and then allow him to taunt you into killing him. Actually, after his death, you may not feel so well… you now have the disease with no cure, "Corprus"… sort of a Vvardenfall version of Leprosy. People will shun you as long as you have the disease, and you'll develop odd symptoms. Is there hope? Well, if you're truly "the one", you'll probably make it out alive. Don't despair and have patience.

6. Bonus: In the place where Dagoth Gares is, you'll find some VERY useful items. Skip ahead to the next section if you don't want to spoil it. First, the 6th Bell Hammer, though super heavy, is worth a lot. Second, in the coffins you'll find some useful equipment and scrolls. Third, take a look in the back of the large room near a coffin. If you can wear Light Armor, you'll be in heaven. If not, you'll still be thankful that you can have something to barter with. Tip: If you wear Heavy armor, take the Light Armor you find here to Ghostgate, to a merchant there… for trade. Fourth and finally, most importantly, take a look behind one of the other coffins. I won't ruin the surprise - it's something very nice… if you have the right skill.

7. Of all the luck, Corprus! Head back to Caius to complain. Ready for another promotion? It hardly seems like you should be celebrating, but listen to what he has to say. There's a possible cure if you go visit someone named "Divayth Fyr", who is in charge of the "Corprusarium," wretched place where the afflicted go to congregate in misery. Caius is also going to give you some stuff to help temporarily aid your suffering.