Telvanni Hortator
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1. As you probably know by now, Sadrith Mora is the home base of the Telvanni wizards. You'll find the their council hall on the north end of Sadrith Mora in the giant rounded complex. If you head over there, and find the large room with a person on each platform, any of those Telvanni aids will let you know who their sponser is, and give you the book with all the councilor's names. One of them, Master Neloth, lives right in Sadrith Mora, in the central large spire in the city, Tel Naga. You'll need a potion of levitation or some other way to levitate, and once you have the item, float up to the top level door on the outside, and find Neloth inside. Raise his disposition up to 70 and talk to him, or kill him outright since that is the Telvanni way of persuasion, and you'll be one step closer to Telvanni Hort with Neloth's "vote." By the way, you may kill any of the Telvanni councilors without negative backlash from the game, and still complete this quest.

2. Now head over to Tel Vos. An easy way to get there is from Sadrith Mora's boat to Tel Mora, and then over to Vos, then walk west. Master Aryon lives where you'll have to levitate (many of them do) up to his front door. It's at the top of the tallest organic spire on the Tel Vos citadel. He's got no problem naming you Hortator, but admits that you'll have to deal with Master Gothren who will stand in your way of becoming Hortator. The only way, in this case, is to kill Gothren.

3. Before you jaunt over to Gothren's abode, sidle over to the boat to Tel Mora, find its tower there, and levitate up to the front entrance of Master Dratha's quarters. If you're playing a woman, Dratha will give you the title outright. However, if you're a guy and a member of House Telvanni, and you can get her disposition up to 80 (telling her your patron is Azura helps), she'll throw the title of Hort your way. On the other hand, if you're a male and not of House Telvanni, it may be more difficult to raise her disposition, especially if you're the undiplomatic type. You may end up having to send her from whence she came using old-fashioned combat.

4. After Master Dratha's on your side (or off the face of Vvardenfell), meander over to Tel Branora, using the Sadrith Mora boat, for a confrontation with Mistress Therana. Convincing her to make you Hortator can be done with a disposition of over 30 and speechcraft skill of 30 as well, or raise her disposition higher for better success. If you're unable, you'll have use the very-tough love approach, as you will on Master Gothren coming up.

5. If you're a member of House Telvanni already, you might find another councilor you need to persuade, in Gnisis. His name is Master Baladas, and he's at Arvs-Drelen. Raise his disposition to 30 to convince him to name you Hort.

6. Finally, it comes down to the only one you absolutely must kill, Gothren. He's in Tel Aruhn, which you can get to via boat from Tel Mora or Vos. Gothren, when you speak to him, will require some time to think it over. No matter how much time you give him, however, it won't be enough. You'll have to kill him to become Hortator. He can be tough, so prepare before battle if you're somewhat unsure of yourself. Once you do, head back to Tel Vos and speak with Master Aryon again, and you'll receive the Robe of the Hortator as well as the completion of Trial four of the seven visions.