Safety for Ahemmusa
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1. Take the boat from Sadrith Mora to Tel Mora, and then make it to the Ahemmusa Camp near the extreme northeast tip of the mainland, north-northwest of Tel Mora.

2. Before you speak to the wise woman Sinnammu Mirpal, you'll want to speak first with the three gulakhans Dutadalk, Kausi and Yenammu. Then go back to Mirpal, where she'll enlist your help before naming you Nerevarine.

3. On an island northwest of the Camp, she'll want you to create a safe haven for her tribe, but the only catch is that it's at Ald Daedroth, an ancient Daedric site. Usually there'll be fanatics within these places, so you'll want to consider your options before continuing.

4. One option is to find the entrance to the shrine and speak with the Ordinator guard. You'll tell the guard that you're here to loot the place and all the Ordinators inside will leave you alone. This is probably the easiest approach, as inside you'll find two factions fighting… the Sheogorath cultists and the guards.

5. Once you're inside, you'll want to eventually scour the whole place. Every new room you enter will most likely have fighting between the guards and the temple cultists. Allow them to fight each other to the death before engaging. If you told the guard outside that you're here to loot, then the cultists will be the only people inside you'll have to deal with. Otherwise, allow them to duke it out and then mop up the rest.

6. There is another option to get the cultists off your back, but you'll have to run through an angry horde of them to the bottom of the shrine before seeking out the only non-aggressive cultist of the bunch, Hlireni Indavel. You'll want to either have a speechcraft of 50 or over or a reputation of 20 or above to convince her to ease off with the sympathy card. Otherwise, you can either raise her disposition normally or threaten her life.

7. Clear out the remaining aggressive people at the site, go back to the camp, speak to Mirpal, "travel together" back to Ald Daedroth, take her to the inner shrine, and she'll name you Nerevarine of the Ahemmusa tribe and give you their token. Recall yourself back to civilization if you have a mark spell in a city, and then you're off to Zainab Camp.