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When Strikes the Kill-A-Rilla!

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Black Jack (fixed)
  2. Sky King (fixed)
  3. Tricolour (fixed)
  4. Bullet (fixed)

Mission Overview

If you listen to the heroes having their conversation, then when you start the mission you'll already be under attack by a Nazi gunner and a Nazi grenadier. So listen to the conversation once, and then restart the mission and press the escape key to skip it. That way you'll be able to clobber the Nazis as soon as they enter the room. Bullet is a good choice for this if you've purchased "fast healing" for him, because then whatever damage he sustains will heal itself.

After you've defeated the two Nazis, you'll learn about your main objective for this mission: to defeat two Nazi generals, collect their keys, and then use the keys to escape from the prison. The generals can be found at #4 and the exit is at #7. Nazi generals are an interesting enemy in that they don't attack anything themselves; they just improve the attack of their allies. However, this bonus isn't consequential enough to worry about, so attack damage-dealing Nazis first and save the generals for last.

At #3 you'll find a friendly kill-a-rilla in a cage. If you free it, then it will follow you for the rest of the mission, and it will help you defeat enemies. Better yet, after you've destroyed its cage, a Nazi rifleman and a Nazi gunner will charge at you and give you some extra prestige points.

At #6 you'll encounter a Nazi gunner, a Nazi grenadier, a Nazi rifleman, and two kill-a-rilla guns. These new and improved kill-a-rillas are nasty, but they're easier to kill than the original version. That's because they shoot guns, and Sky King deflects the piercing attacks from guns. (It also helps that the kill-a-rilla guns start out at half health.) So send Sky King in alone to face the enemies, and then when he gets close to them, have him use his "blast off" power. That should kill most of the enemies in the room, and whatever remains should be easy enough for him to mop up.

Once you've collected both keys from the generals, bringing Bullet to the door at #7 will end the mission. So make sure you've completed all of the secondary objectives first.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Computer

3 - Friendly Kill-a-Rilla

4 - Nazi Officer

5 - Secret Plans

Clicking on the plans will complete one of the secondary objectives.

6 - Major Battle

7 - Exit

Primary Objectives (1500 prestige points)
  • Escape from the re-education building. (750)
  • Bullet must survive! (250)
  • Find 2 Nazi officers, and make them give you their keys. (500)

Secondary Objectives (1000 prestige points)
  • Smash all of Blitzkrieg's computers. (500)
  • Find information about the kill-a-rillas. (250)
  • Free the friendly kill-a-rilla. (250)

Enemies (905 prestige points)
  • 3 kill-a-rilla guns (225)
  • 2 kill-a-rilla whips (100)
  • 2 Nazi generals (100)
  • 5 Nazi grenadiers (150)
  • 6 Nazi gunners (180)
  • 6 Nazi riflemans (150)

New Heroes
  • None