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Chaos in Cuba!

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Alchemiss (fixed)
  2. El Diablo (fixed)
  3. Mentor (fixed)
  4. None (fixed)

Mission Overview

Your goal in this mission is straightforward -- just make your way to the freeze gun (#2) and destroy it. Along the way you'll run into ice troopers and snow men. Ice troopers don't really have any weaknesses that you can exploit during this mission, but they're weak enough that it doesn't really matter. Snow men, on the other hand, are vulnerable to fire, and they can't hit flying targets, and so El Diablo and Alchemiss should be able to pick them apart.

However, it's not as easy to kill snow men as it would seem. If you approach them with fliers, they'll run away, and if your heroes chase them, they'll probably wake up a lot of enemies. Worse, El Diablo has all sorts of trouble hitting moving targets, and so if you send him and Alchemiss after snow men together, it'll be mostly Alchemiss doing the damage. So here's what to do. Use Mentor as bait. Have him walk up to a snow man, and then when the snow man starts chasing him, have Alchemiss and El Diablo fly over and melt it. Mentor moves as fast as the snow men, so he shouldn't take any damage.

You'll also have to deal with Soviet bombers in the mission. They're sort of annoying, but they will always attack in the same places, and a yellow targeting marker will always indicate where the next attack is going to take place. So as long as you keep a close eye on your heroes, the bombers shouldn't be a problem.

The main difficulty in the mission is finishing it quickly enough. Shortly after you start, or perhaps after you've killed enough of the ice troopers in the starting area, a snow man will walk through the main gate of the airfield. That will trigger a timed objective. You'll need to destroy the freeze gun before six allied planes get shot down. Fortunately, there are several health canisters scattered around, and, in a couple places in the town, allied soldiers will jump out of buildings and help you, and so you should be able to move quickly.

After you've destroyed the freeze gun, a frost warrior will appear behind it. The warrior is basically just a stronger version of the ice trooper, so you don't need to do anything special to bring him down. Once you've defeated the warrior, you'll receive a new objective to interrogate him, and once you've done that, the mission will end. So don't talk to him until you've killed all of the enemies on the map, and until you've grabbed the experience canister south of the town.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Freeze Gun

Primary Objectives (1250 prestige points)
  • Destroy Nuclear Winter's Freeze Gun. (750)
  • Interrogate the Ice Sergeant to learn more about Nuclear Winter's plans. (500)

Secondary Objectives (1000 prestige points)
  • Deal with the Ice Troopers who have infiltrated the airfield. (250)
  • Take out all of the Snow Men. (500)
  • Don't allow 6 planes to be shot down. (250)

Enemies (880 prestige points)
  • 1 Frost Warrior (40)
  • 18 Ice Troopers (360)
  • 8 Snow Men (480)

New Heroes
  • Tombstone
  • Liberty Lad (hero pool)