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Achtung! Der Alchemiss!

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Alchemiss (fixed)
  2. Minuteman
  3. Green Genie
  4. Tombstone

Mission Overview

This is another pure combat mission. You'll need to move from your starting position (#1) to the door of Blitzkrieg's compound (#2). Along the way you'll face about a dozen Nazi gunners, two Nazi generals, a tank, and a couple minor eyes of the reich. The eyes, like the tanks, are vulnerable to electrical damage, so if you brought along Tombstone (spectre shots) or Green Genie (static zap), you should be in good shape. You'll have more trouble with the eyes in the next mission with the World War II heroes.

Once you click on the door, you'll learn that you'll need to knock out all of the Nazis on the map. Completing that task and attempting to open the door again will draw Fortissimo to your position, but you won't have to deal with him until the last mission in this sequence.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Compound Door

Primary Objectives (2750 prestige points)
  • Get inside Blitzkrieg's walled compound. (1000)
  • Alchemiss must survive! (750)
  • Destroy all remaining enemies. (1000)

Secondary Objectives (0 prestige points)
  • None

Enemies (725 prestige points)
  • 2 minor eyes of the reich (120)
  • 2 Nazi generals (100)
  • 11 Nazi gunners (330)
  • 1 tank (175)

New Heroes
  • None