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Beware the Sorceress of the Soviet! (Part 1)

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Minuteman (fixed)
  2. Alchemiss
  3. El Diablo
  4. Tombstone

Mission Overview

Unless you've recruited Liberty Lad or a custom hero, then you won't have any choice for who to bring along for this mission. Luckily, the four heroes guaranteed to be available can do the job easily.

When you start out, you'll have to track down a spy so you can learn the location of Red Oktober's base. The first Cuban civilian you meet will tell you about the spy. After that you'll have to talk to five more civilians (who wander around the town). During your search you'll likely run into some of Red Oktober's patrols. There are three patrols in the area, and each one consists of two ice guards plus a frost sergeant. They're not very difficult to dispatch, and so you might want to take the opportunity to play with Tombstone's "possession" power.

When you talk to the fifth civilian, he'll quickly give up the entrance to Red Oktober's base (#2). Immediately following the conversation, a shurale (a more powerful version of the snow man) and two ice guards will attack you. If you possess the shurale, it can quickly kill the two guards on its own, and then you can position Minuteman right next to it with El Diablo and Alchemiss on the other side. Then when the possession ends, you can have all three attack at once and possibly kill the shurale in one round.

On your way to the entrance, you'll come across some snow men. They should be easy to kill with your current group. In fact, El Diablo and Minuteman should be able to solo them without much trouble. The snow men will re-form themselves a few seconds after they've been destroyed, but there isn't any reason to hang around and kill them. Unlike in the original Freedom Force, prestige from killing enemies is capped in this game, and you'll probably hit the cap easily before you're done with the mission.

When you reach the entrance to Red Oktober's base, you'll discover that you'll have to destroy four mystical hands (#3) "simultaneously." This is a little misleading. Like the snow men earlier, the mystical hands will re-form themselves a few seconds after being destroyed, but you'll meet the objective as long as all four are destroyed at the same time. The easiest way to do this is to have El Diablo and Alchemiss fly to one pair of hands while Minuteman runs to the other pair. Then Minuteman should be able to destroy his pair of hands (plus the snow man guard) in about the same amount of time that El Diablo and Alchemiss take to destroy their pair.

After destroying one mystical hand, a patrol will appear at the entrance to the base. Then when you've destroyed all four mystical hands, a shurale and Red Oktober herself will appear and attack you. Kill the shurale first, and then have all of your heroes use ranged attacks against Red Oktober. Red Oktober has a variety of annoying powers, but she doesn't do a lot of damage, and she shouldn't last long with four heroes fighting her. Once you've defeated and interrogated Red Oktober, the mission will end.

"You will rue the day you crossed path with Red Oktober, loyal servant of Nuclear Winter and people of the Motherland!"

1 - Starting Point

2 - Entrance to Red Oktober's Base

3 - Mystical Hands

Primary Objectives (1500 prestige points)
  • Learn the location of Red's secret base. (500)
  • Figure out who the spy is, and attack them to get them to talk. (250)
  • Enter Red Oktober's base. (250)
  • Destroy the four mystical hands. (250)
  • Interrogate Red Oktober. (250)

Secondary Objectives (250 prestige points)
  • Don't KO any innocent civilians while seeking the spy. (250)

Enemies (999 prestige points)
  • 1 Cuban Civilian (25)
  • 4 Frost Sergeants (160)
  • 10 Ice Guards (200)
  • 2 shurales (120)
  • Unlimited snow men (60 each)

New Heroes
  • Bullet
  • Green Genie (hero pool)