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The Voice of Doom!

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Tombstone (fixed)
  2. Green Genie
  3. Minuteman
  4. Black Jack (fixed)

Mission Overview

"If you ask me, that Italian fool has had one too many plates of pasta."

Although the mission will make it sound like you'll have to hurry to save the books, you don't. So take your time moving towards the first objective. Along the way you'll encounter more Nazi riflemen and a new enemy, the legionnaire. Legionnaires only have melee attacks, but those attacks have an area effect. So only send one hero to melee with them (if you brought Minuteman, this is a good job for him) while your other heroes use ranged attacks.

When you get close to the church, the rifleman with the Gutenberg Bible (#2) will start moving southwest towards one of the book piles (#3). You'll have to knock him out before he gets there, or else you'll lose the mission. Sometimes the game jumps the gun here and ends the mission before he gets anywhere near the book pile, so you should ignore the other riflemen in the area and knock him out right away.

Once you've interrogated the rifleman, he'll let you know that the Summa Theologica is in the park. You'll have to do the same thing there: knock out the rifleman with the book (#4) before he can get to the book pile (#5). However, when you interrogate the rifleman, a panzer tank will show up. The tank isn't as powerful as it looks. In fact, it's weak against Energy X and electricity, and so if you brought Green Genie and Minuteman along, then they can use "static zap" and "minute missile" against it, and Tombstone can use "spectre shots," and the tank should go down very quickly.

This time when you interrogate the rifleman, he'll tell you that Herr Schmidt (#6) has Shakespeare's first folio. You'll find Schmidt just standing there all by himself. But when you interrogate him, a few riflemen and a legionnaire will show up to ambush you, and Schmidt will race off to the book pile next to the church (#7). Send one of your heroes after Schmidt, and use the rest to deal with the ambush.

When you interrogate Schmidt again, he'll blurt out that Fortissimo is about the burn some secret invasion plans, and you'll receive a new objective to stop him. Fortissimo will show up at #8 with a pair of legionnaires, and he'll make his way to the book pile at #3.

Fortissimo flies, and he can generate a shield that absorbs everything except for mystical, mental and physical attacks. That means Black Jack will have to do most of the work with his "rapid fire" power. However, there is a trick. Tombstone should be able to possess Fortissimo. That will allow you to prevent Fortissimo from attacking and bringing up his shield for a short while, and, better yet, it will allow you to move him away from the book pile. Once you've defeated Fortissimo, the mission will end.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Rifleman with Gutenberg Bible

3 - First Book Pile

4 - Rifleman with Summa Theologica

5 - Second Book Pile

6 - Schmidt

7 - Third Book Pile

8 - Fortissimo

Primary Objectives (2500 prestige points)
  • Tombstone must survive to interrogate the Nazis. (250)
  • Prevent the Gutenberg Bible from being destroyed. (500)
  • Prevent the Summa Theologica from being destroyed. (500)
  • Prevent Shakespeare's first folio from being destroyed. (500)
  • Prevent Fortissimo from burning the invasion plans. (750)

Secondary Objectives (0 prestige points)
  • None

Enemies (999 prestige points)
  • 1 Fortissimo (300)
  • 5 legionnaires (200)
  • 17 Nazi riflemen (425)
  • 1 tank (175)

New Heroes
  • Iron Ox (hero pool)
  • Law (hero pool)
  • Order (hero pool)