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Holes in the Time Stream!

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Minuteman
  2. Tricolour
  3. Green Genie
  4. Tombstone

Mission Overview

This is a fairly easy mission. What you'll have to do is send temporal signatures through six temporal holes. At each hole, you'll encounter 2-3 wraiths of chaos, and once you've defeated them, you'll be able to send the signature through.

Note: After defeating the wraiths, no new enemies will pop up until after you've sent the signature. So you can use the intermissions to claim canisters, do some healing, and save your game. You can also move part of your team to the center of the map so they'll be closer to the new hole that will appear.

At the third temporal hole, Entropy will show up and complicate matters slightly. She'll cause the wraiths to transform citizens into random enemies, and so not only will you have to deal with the wraiths, you'll have to attack the random enemies as well (knocking them out will cause them to revert back to their original form).

Once you've sent six signatures, the mission will end.

"Woe to her who tests the wrath of one who commands time itself!"

1 - Starting Point

Primary Objectives (1000 prestige points)

  • Send the temporal signature through six temporal holes to summon Time Master! (1000)

Secondary Objectives (750 prestige points)
  • Revert all monstrous civilians to their normal forms. (750)

Enemies (999 prestige points)
  • 14 wraiths of chaos (2100)
  • Random other enemies