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Sacrifice of a Hero!

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Man-Bot (fixed)
  2. Minuteman
  3. Green Genie
  4. Tombstone

Mission Overview

This is it, the final mission. You'll start out against Entropy, and she'll use the same strategy as in the previous mission. That is, she'll attack you with some minions, but then she'll retreat once she's taken enough damage. She'll also adapt, so you'll need to change who's attacking her, or change which attacks they're using.

Here's a pretty simple way to deal with Entropy and her minions. Check Entropy's weaknesses, and if electricity is listed, then send in Green Genie to use her "sow the wind" power. If Energy X is listed, then send in Man-Bot to use his "release" power. Those attacks might drive off Entropy in one hit, and if nothing else they should knock out or severely damage her minions in the area.

Note: Every time you have to chase Entropy to a new location, the game is basically waiting for you to show up, and so you can send your heroes off to use healing canisters.

Eventually you'll drive Entropy into the park, where she'll make her last stand. Entropy will either be vulnerable to Energy X or electricity, which is good, since those are the same things chaos wraiths and devastation wraiths are vulnerable to. So have Man-Bot use "focus," Minuteman use "minute missile," Green Genie use "static zap," and Tombstone use "spectre shots" (or similar powers for different heroes). It shouldn't take long to defeat Entropy and her minions.

However, when you interrogate Entropy, Time Master will take the opportunity to try and take over the world again, and you'll have to stop him before he reaches Entropy. Fortunately, Time Master is slow, he won't create any minions, and -- what are the odds? -- he's vulnerable to electricity and Energy X. So have you heroes use the exact same powers once he moves into range, and he should go down pretty easily. Once Time Master is defeated, the campaign will end.

"Come again?"

Primary Objectives (3250 prestige points)
  • Defeat Entropy. (1000)
  • Man-Bot must survive. (750)
  • Keep Time Master away from Entropy. (500)
  • Defeat Time Master. (1000)

Secondary Objectives (0 prestige points)
  • None

Enemies (999 prestige points)
  • 6 subterrestrials (600)
  • 1 Time Master (500)
  • About 2 devastation wraiths (350 each)
  • 11 wraiths of chaos (1650)