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Walkthrough Notes

We wrote this walkthrough using the retail release of the game. It's not often that a game is so well designed that it does not require a patch, but Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich is one of the good ones.

We also used the "normal" difficulty for the game.

Gameplay Notes

Unlike Freedom Force, you can't cheat in this game and have every hero use a canister at the same time. That means you'll have to make some decisions, especially with experience canisters.

Also unlike Freedom Force, there is now a cap to how much prestige you can gain from defeating enemies. So there isn't much reason to hang around missions more than you need to.

For the most part, it is arbitrary which heroes you use during the missions. But for this walkthrough we decided to focus on the new heroes, and so when we had an option, those are the heroes we selected. When we had a good reason for selecting a hero (such as Green Genie as a tank killer), we noted it in the walkthrough. Otherwise, you're welcome to use whichever heroes you like best, and you can take our "recommended heroes" with a grain of salt.

Map Notes

All of the canisters on the mission maps have been labeled. Energy canisters are denoted "E," health canisters "H," prestige canisters "P," and experience canisters "X." All other notations are described in the walkthrough text.