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Beat the Clock!

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Sky King (fixed)
  2. Black Jack (fixed)
  3. Tricolour (fixed)
  4. El Diablo (fixed)

Mission Overview

This mission continues where you left off with the World War II heroes. You'll have to do the same thing as before -- protect Sky King while he adjusts his suit for five minutes -- and the same strategy works. Move to a quiet corner of the map, and have El Diablo, Black Jack, and Tricolour defeat and distract enemies until time is up.

Of course, this mission isn't identical to the previous one. You'll see many of the same enemies, but you'll also have to deal with a minor eye of the reich. These guys are a pain for the World War II heroes. They fly, but they resist both fire and piercing attacks, and so none of your heroes will be able to hurt them much. However, Tricolour can blind them, preventing them from attacking, and Black Jack can use his "off the cuff" power for moderate damage.

Note: We set up base in the southwestern corner of the map near the experience canister. If you do that as well, be aware that enemies will spawn there (near the picnic tables), and so you shouldn't move your heroes too far away from Sky King.

"One of those German fellows nearby must be jamming my suit with some sort of... well... jamming device."

Eventually you'll learn that a Nazi in the area has a jamming device, and you'll be tasked with finding and interrogating him. You'll see three possibilities, and of course you'll have to knock out all three before you'll find the jammer. Once you've found the Nazi with the jammer, have a hero interrogate him to get the jammer (it doesn't have to be Sky King), and then have Sky King adjust his suit again. Once he's finished this time, the mission will end.

Note: Since Sky King is so slow, and since he doesn't have to do the interrogating himself, feel free to send Tricolour out alone to get the jammer. Then once she has it, you could immediately start Sky King adjusting his suit while El Diablo and Black Jack (and shortly Tricolour) protect him.

1 - Starting Point

Primary Objectives (2000 prestige points)
  • Protect Sky King while he adjusts his suit. (1000)
  • Sky King must find and interrogate the Nazi with the jamming device. (1000)

Secondary Objectives (0 prestige points)
  • None

Enemies (999 prestige points)
  • 1 minor eye of the reich (60)
  • Unlimited kill-a-rilla guns (75 each)
  • 1 kill-a-rilla whip (50)
  • 2 Nazi generals (100)
  • 3 Nazi grenadiers (90)
  • Unlimited Nazi gunners (30 each)

New Heroes
  • None