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Peril and Paradox

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Alchemiss (fixed)
  2. Minuteman
  3. Green Genie
  4. Tombstone

Mission Overview

This mission can be quick and easy... or not. The required part is straightforward enough -- just move a hero to the generator (#2) and then have him or her click on it. Once you've done that, all the Nazi gunners who saw you plant the bomb will start running for the exit. Even if you defeated all the gunners near the generator, you'll still have to chase a couple down (they'll be created after the fact). Green Genie is good for this.

You could also leave some of your heroes near the entrance (#1) and let them knock out the gunners as they get there. However, if you do this, be aware that the game will spawn a legionnaire and a centurion at the entrance, and you'll have to deal with them as well. Once you've knocked out all the gunners, the mission will end.

So how can the mission be difficult? Well, Fortissimo is stationed in the center of the map (#3). You don't have to defeat him -- you can just sneak along the edges of the map if you want -- but Fortissimo is worth 300 prestige, and he's a boss, so you have to, right?

Fortissimo's defensive shell will absorb most of what Tombstone, Alchemiss, and Minuteman can dish out, but Green Genie's "static zap" power will bypass it. If you didn't bring Green Genie along, then\ you'll just have to be patient and hope that your heroes can do some major damage in the brief periods of time when Fortissimo's shell isn't active.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Generator

3 - Fortissimo

Primary Objectives (2250 prestige points)
  • One hero must plant a bomb on Blitzkrieg's generator. (1000)
  • Don't destroy the generator! (250)
  • Defeat all enemies who witnessed you planting the explosives. (1000)

Secondary Objectives (0 prestige points)
  • None

Enemies (930 prestige points)
  • 3 centurions (210)
  • 1 Fortissimo (300)
  • 3 legionnaires (120)
  • 10 Nazi gunners (300)

New Heroes
  • None