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To Rescue a Hero!

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Black Jack (fixed)
  2. Sky King (fixed)
  3. Tricolour (fixed)
  4. Empty (fixed)

Mission Overview

This is a fairly straightforward combat mission. What you'll need to do is flip two switches (#2) to unlock the door to Bullet's cell (#3), and then destroy the two energy extractors (#4) there to set Bullet free.

Besides the Nazis you've seen before, you'll also encounter Nazi gunners (Nazis with submachine guns) and kill-a-rilla whips (gorillas with whips). The kill-a-rillas are nasty, but you'll usually only face them one at a time. That means you can use a "bait" strategy against them, and run around with whichever hero they target while the other heroes attack it. If you decide to go toe-to-toe against them, then let Sky King lead the charge. He's resistant to their attacks. Regardless, try to hit them with Tricolour's "blinding blade" power. That will make them easier to deal with.

"Those aren't garden variety gorillas. They're some kind of scientific quackery!"

1 - Starting Point

2 - Switches

3 - Bullet's Cell Door

4 - Energy Extractors

Primary Objectives (1750 prestige points)
  • Find Bullet's cell. (250)
  • Find the controls to open Bullet's cell door. (250)
  • Free Bullet. (750)
  • Use the controls to open Bullet's cell. (250)
  • Smash the towers. (250)

Secondary Objectives (500 prestige points)
  • Take out all the Nazis. (500)

Enemies (830 prestige points)
  • 7 kill-a-rilla whips (350)
  • 6 Nazi grenadier (180)
  • 10 Nazi gunners (300)

New Heroes
  • None