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Red Sunset

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Black Jack (fixed)
  2. Tricolour (fixed)
  3. Tombstone
  4. Bullet (fixed)

Mission Overview

At the start of the mission you'll be attacked by a Nazi grenadier and a Nazi rifleman. The grenadier is easily the more dangerous of the two, so concentrate on him first. Then when you move towards the base, you'll receive a secondary objective to steal the nearby tank (#2). That's a good place to stash Bullet.

Your main objective is to destroy the crypto center (#3). However, as you approach the entrance you'll run into three Red Suns. Remember that defeating one Red Sun will heal the others, so focus on them one at a time, and try your best to avoid their fire elemental minions. Also remember that Black Jack's "off the cuff" power is effective against them.

Once the enemies in the area are down, including the two riflemen on top of the tunnels (#4), focus on the crypto center. Any of the heroes can destroy it slowly, but you might as well use the tank against it since this is the only mission where you'll get to use one.

Destroying the crypto center won't end the mission. Instead, two tanks will appear at the tunnels, and you'll receive a new objective to destroy them. The two tanks are separated, and you'll have your own tank plus three heroes to help it, so the battles should be relatively easy. Once the two tanks have been destroyed, the mission will end.

"If you harm him in any way... then you know you're doing something right!"

1 - Starting Point

2 - Tank

3 - Crypto Center

4 - Tunnels

Primary Objectives (1750 prestige points)
  • Destroy the Crypto Center. (1000)
  • Destroy the tanks. (750)

Secondary Objectives (500 prestige points)
  • Capture the German tank. (500)

Enemies (999 prestige points)
  • Unlimited fire elementals (15 each)
  • 3 Nazi grenadiers (90)
  • 7 Nazi riflemen (175)
  • 3 Red Suns (375)
  • 2 tanks (350)

New Heroes
  • Sky King
  • Man o' War (hero pool)
  • Sea Urchin (hero pool)