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Entropy Over Time Equals Destruction

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Time Master (fixed)
  2. Time Twin (fixed)
  3. Time Twin (fixed)
  4. Empty (fixed)

Mission Overview

This is another pretty easy mission. Time Master and his twins are way more powerful than anything Entropy will dish out. However, the Time Masters are slow, so they should stick to their ranged attacks. You should also note the weaknesses of each enemy. For example, Eve is weak against radiation, and so the main Time Master should use his "radiation bolt" against her. The Time Twins don't have a lot of options when it comes to their attacks, but then they don't really need to do much.

The mission will proceed in waves. During each wave, Entropy will send some minions against you, and she'll stick around to fight as well -- until you've done enough damage to her, and then she'll retreat. Entropy adapts during the mission, but she always seems to be vulnerable to Energy X or electrical damage, so keep switching your attacks against her to exploit her weaknesses.

Eventually, you'll learn that Entropy can't summon any more minions, and you'll be able to attack and defeat her. Then, once you've interrogated her, the mission will end.

1 - Starting Point

Primary Objectives (750 prestige points)
  • Defeat Entropy and her minions! (failed!)
  • Time Master must survive! (750)

Secondary Objectives (0 prestige points)
  • None

Enemies (about 550 prestige points)
  • A few crooked cops (15 each)
  • A few El Diablos (20 each)
  • A few Eves (20 each)
  • A few minor eyes of the reich (60 each)
  • A few ice troopers (20 each)
  • A few gangsters (20 each)
  • A few Nazi riflemen (25 each)