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Devastation Duet

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Minuteman
  2. Tricolour
  3. Black Jack
  4. Green Genie

Mission Overview

This is like a mission from the original Freedom Force. You'll have to rush from hotspot to hotspot and then defeat a boss at the end. That means you'll need reasonably fast heroes, and since the boss is Fortissimo, you'll also need heroes who can deal with him. We selected Minuteman and Tricolour because they're strong melee heroes, and we selected Black Jack and Green Genie because they're effective against Fortissimo.

There isn't anything too complicated in the mission. You'll face legionnaires, centurions, and chaos wraiths. The first two you've dealt with before, and the third is vulnerable to electricity (Green Genie's "static zap") and Energy X (Minuteman's "minute missile"), so they shouldn't pose much of a problem.

So that makes the mission a matter of defeating the enemies quickly enough, while dodging "surges of psycho-temporal energy." Those surges will cause cars to explode at the Top Hat Club (#3) (so don't fight in the parking lot there), chaos cops to appear at the police station (#4), and a Tyrannosaurus Rex to appear at the museum (#5).

After saving (or losing) three buildings, Fortissimo will appear at the Natural History Museum, and you'll be tasked with defeating him before he and his minions can destroy the museum. The museum has a lot of hit points, so this part of the mission isn't too bad. Tackle the minions first, and then deal with Fortissimo. Between Black Jack and Green Genie, it shouldn't take too long to silence his antics.

Once you've defeated Fortissimo, he'll offer to tell you about Entropy. But before he gets the chance, he'll be "chomped" by the nearby Tyrannosaurus Rex statue -- or, rather, what was previously a T-Rex statue, but which is now a living, breathing, and hungry T-Rex that wants to eat you as well. At that point you'll receive a new objective to defeat the T-Rex.

The T-Rex is big and nasty but slow. So try to zap it with ranged attacks, and then when it targets one of your heroes, have that hero run away. If your heroes are reasonably healthy and if you have heroic revivals remaining, you could even try using melee attacks against it. Eventually you should be able to whittle away its health, and when it goes down the mission will end.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Opera House

3 - Tip Top Club

4 - Police Station

5 - Natural History Museum

Primary Objectives (750 prestige points)
  • Defeat Fortissimo's minions. (250)
  • Defeat Fortissimo. (250)
  • Defeat the dinosaur! (250)

Secondary Objectives (1000 prestige points)
  • Don't let Fortissimo's minions destroy the Opera House. (250)
  • Don't let Fortissimo's minions destroy the Top Hat. (250)
  • Don't let Fortissimo's minions destroy the Police Station. (250)
  • Don't let Fortissimo destroy the Natural History Museum. (250)

Enemies (999 prestige points)
  • 6 centurions (420)
  • 5 chaos cops (75)
  • 2 Fortissimos (600)
  • 4 legionnaires (160)
  • 1 T-Rex (150)
  • 4 wraiths of chaos (600)

Lost Heroes
  • Iron Ox
  • Supercollidor