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The Ice-Man Cometh

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Red Oktober (fixed)
  2. The Ant (fixed)
  3. Green Genie
  4. El Diablo

Mission Overview

The first thing you'll need to do in this mission is bypass three ice barriers (#2). That's the reason The Ant is along. He can burrow under the ice barriers and then destroy the shield generators (#3) that are keeping them in place. If you have Green Genie with you, then she can destroy the generators as well. Her "static zap" power has enough range to hit the generators from behind the barriers.

Note: You can also use Green Genie's "static zap" to easily kill the snow man guarding the second barrier. She'll be able to hit it, but it won't be able ot hit her.

After removing the first ice barrier, two dark shamans and two ice guards will square off against each other. The dark shamans are on your side, so you should help them out. If they survive, then they'll start following Red Oktober around, and they'll attack any enemies they get close to.

After removing the last ice barrier, Nuclear Winter will launch one of his nuclear missiles. Then you'll be given a new objective: to interrogate some technicians to learn which override transmitter will disable to the missile. The objective is a little misleading; it's actually an ice trooper that you'll have to knock out and interrogate. So follow the red arrow and knock out all the ice troopers who get in your way.

Once the ice trooper spills the beans, the red arrow will switch to the transmitter you'll need to destroy (#4). You'll have to destroy some of the barbed wire fencing to get to it. At the transmitter you'll find two ice troopers and a snow man. Be careful when you fight them that you don't accidentally destroy the wrong transmitter (something an errant attack from El Diablo could do). If you destroy the wrong transmitter, the mission will abort and you'll have to load your game.

There are three missiles in total, and they all work the same way. The only difference is that you'll have less time to disarm the second and third missiles. So follow the red arrows and destroy everything that gets in your way.

Once you've disabled all three missiles, Nuclear Winter will appear at #5, flanked by a pair of ice troopers. At the same time, three more dark shamans will join your side and attack them. To defeat Nuclear Winter, you can just use the "bait" strategy that you might have used against snow men and shurales. Just have whichever hero Nuclear Winter targets run around while the other heroes attack him. Nuclear Winter is vulnerable to fire, so as long as El Diablo isn't the one running, you should be able to defeat him relatively quickly.

Eventually you'll wear Nuclear Winter down... but then he'll reappear in a much larger (and cooler) form. This new Nuclear Winter is bigger and tougher than the original, but he'll still have his fire weakness. You won't be able to use a "bait" strategy against him now -- with his new ranged attack, he'll just change targets rather than chase anybody -- but with five dark shamans plus four heroes, you should be able to just saturate him with damage and defeat him that way. If you have trouble, remember that there are five health canisters in the area, and that there isn't a time limit for this part of the mission. So run away and heal if you need to.

"Well, my friends, your world is about to change...."

1 - Starting Point

2 - Ice Barriers

3 - Shield Generators

4 - Transmitters

5 - Cave

Primary Objectives (2000 prestige points)
  • Destroy the three ice-wall machines. (500)
  • The Ant must survive until the ice walls are down. (250)
  • Interrogate the technicians to learn which transmitters to destroy. (250)
  • Destroy transmitters only when they're confirmed targets. (250)
  • Defeat Nuclear Winter. (750)

Secondary Objectives (0 prestige points)
  • None

Enemies (999 prestige points)
  • 1 glacial giant (500)
  • 1 frost warrior (40)
  • 34 ice troopers (600)
  • 1 Nuclear Winter (200)
  • 4 snow men (240)

New Heroes
  • Eve
  • Microwave (hero pool)
  • Supercollider (hero pool)
  • The Bard (hero pool)