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The Burning of Patriot City!

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Minuteman (fixed)
  2. Tricolour
  3. Green Genie
  4. Tombstone

Mission Overview

"Great Gaia! Today is the opening of the International Hot Dog Festival!"

This is another mission where you'll need to move quickly, as you'll almost immediately receive a secondary objective to prevent eight civilians from being knocked out. That's difficult because you'll be dealing with Red Sun and his fire elemental minions again, and the self-destructing elementals will do a lot of damage in the busy city streets.

Red Sun will work a little differently in this mission than he did before. Instead of starting with multiple Red Suns, you'll only have to face one, but once you've defeated him, another, more powerful version will appear. In total, you'll have to defeat five Red Suns, but once the last one goes down, you'll be able to interrogate him. You should use this pause in the action to have your heroes claim the experience and prestige canisters, and do whatever healing is necessary.

Note: The cauldrons that appear on the map won't create enemies, so don't worry about destroying them.

Just like in the previous mission, when you interrogate the fallen foe, Entropy will appear and make things worse. In this case, she'll merge together a chaos wraith with a subterrestrial to make a devastation wraith. These wraiths are nasty (although they're vulnerable to electricity and Energy X) and you should strive to prevent any more from appearing -- and not just because you'll receive an objective that says that!

Helpfully, the game will point out all the chaos wraiths and subterrestrials on the map, and even when two get close enough to merge, you'll have time to defeat one of the pair to prevent the merging from taking place. You should always target whichever of the two you can defeat the easiest. If you have Green Genie and Tombstone along, then you should target the chaos wraiths. Green Genie's "joy buzzer" power can take out a chaos wraith in one hit. Once you've defeated thee sets of wraiths and subterrestrials, the mission will end.

1 - Starting Point

Primary Objectives (1500 prestige points)
  • Defeat the Red Suns! (500)
  • Defeat Entropy's minions. (1000)

Secondary Objectives (500 prestige points)
  • Prevent 8 civilians from coming to harm. (250)
  • Prevent the wraiths and subterrestrials from merging into more powerful creatures. (250)

Enemies (999 prestige points)
  • About 14 fire elementals (15 each)
  • 5 Red Suns (625)
  • 7 subterrestrials (700)
  • 1-8 devastation wraiths (350 each)
  • 7 wraiths of chaos (1050)

Lost Heroes
  • Eve
  • Microwave