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Red Sun Rising

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Black Jack (fixed)
  2. Tricolour (fixed)
  3. Tombstone
  4. Empty (fixed)

Mission Overview

This is the first part of another two-part mission. Since the fourth hero in your party is going to be Bullet, we'd recommend you select a ranged attacker to go along with Black Jack and Tricolour. Since you'll need this ranged attacker to be able to kill tanks, Tombstone and Green Genie seem to be the best choices. However, only Tombstone will be able to grab the prestige canister in this mission, and so that's the hero we went with.

You'll start the mission with Tricolour unconscious and Black Jack in a duel with Red Sun. Red Sun will have a fire elemental with him, but the elemental will immediately self-destruct, causing area damage, so keep Black Jack out of range. Then note that Red Sun is vulnerable to acid attacks, so use Black Jack's "off the cuff" power as much as possible. Once you've defeated Red Sun, you'll learn from Mentor that Blitzkrieg has set up a couple of "time-blockers" in the area (#2), and that you'll need to destroy them before he can send anybody from the future to help.

On your way to the time-blockers, wander over to one of the three ammo trucks in the area. When you get close enough to one, you'll receive a secondary objective to destroy them. Let Tricolour deal with the Nazi riflemen guarding the trucks, and then let Black Jack deal with the trucks themselves using his ranged attacks (the trucks will explode when they've been destroyed).

At the southern time-blocker, you'll run into two riflemen and two Red Suns, complete with fire elemental minions. The elementals will immediately self destruct, so give them a wide berth. The Red Suns, meanwhile, have a special property. When you defeat one, any remaining Red Suns will become fully healed. So don't spread your attacks around. Concentrate on one Red Sun at a time, and once again try to use Black Jack's "off the cuff" power as much as possible. It's good to kill the Red Suns quickly so they don't create any more fire elementals. Once the time-blocker has been destroyed, your third hero will appear in the mission.

At the northern time-blocker, you'll meet up with two more riflemen and a tank. We'd recommend that you do this time-blocker second, so that you'll have the help of your third hero, who will hopefully have some tank-killing powers. Once this time-blocker has been destroyed, Bullet will appear in the time stream, and the mission will end.

"Past don't look so bad from where I'm sittin', space man."

1 - Starting Point

2 - Time Blockers

3 - Ammo Trucks

Primary Objectives (1000 prestige points)
  • Defeat and interrogate the Red Sun. (250)
  • Destroy the two time-blocking devices. (750)

Secondary Objectives (500 prestige points)
  • Destroy the three ammo trucks. (500)

Enemies (999 prestige)
  • Unlimited fire elementals (15 each)
  • 14 Nazi riflemen (350)
  • 3 Red Suns (375)
  • 1 tank (175)

New Heroes
  • Tricolour