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A Time of War!

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Recommended Heroes
  1. Tombstone (fixed)
  2. Green Genie
  3. Minuteman
  4. Empty (fixed)

Mission Overview

You'll start off at #1 with only Tombstone. He'll quickly pick a fight with Black Jack while trying to determine the location of Charles Wilson (the guy who was pretending to be a CIA agent). Tombstone should win the duel easily, but if you have trouble, go looking for help. The Nazi riflemen in the area will attack Black Jack before Tombstone, and so you can use them as allies, at least for a brief time.

Once Black Jack is defeated, Tombstone will disappear from the time stream, but Mentor will be able to replace him with the next hero in your party. That hero will start at #2 and you'll be told to search for Black Jack in the courtyard at #3. However, a few seconds later there will be another switch, and your third hero will have to defeat the three Nazi riflemen at #3.

After the battle, the time stream will finally stabilize, and you'll be able to control all three of your heroes -- just in time for them to be surrounded by seven Nazi riflemen. However, Black Jack will take that moment to join you, and he'll blind all of the riflemen. Once the battle with the Nazis is over, the mission will end, so you might want to send a hero south to collect the prestige canister down there first.

"All I know is that when it comes to putting Jerry down for the count, you've got the right idea."

1 - Tombstone's Starting Point

2 - Second Hero's Starting Point

3 - Black Jack's Location

Primary Objectives (1750 prestige points)
  • Subdue and interrogate Black Jack. (250)
  • Search the courtyard for Black Jack. (250)
  • Take out the Nazi patrol. (500)
  • Foil the Nazi assault. (750)

Secondary Objectives (0 prestige points)
  • None

Enemies (350 prestige points)
  • 14 Nazi riflemen (350)

New Heroes
  • Black Jack