Mount Olympus

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Area Note

The interface makes it look like there's a portal located on Mount Olympus, but there isn't. You'll only be able to use the rebirth fountain (F) there.

1 - Typhon

Typhon is the biggest and baddest of the big, bad bosses. He hits hard, he has access to several special attacks, and he has a bunch of hit points. So how do you kill him? Well, there are a few tricks.

First off, notice all of the shrines (S) surrounding Typhon. If you grab a battle marker and / or a shrine of mastery, you might just be able to kill him outright. If that doesn't work, notice the four statues of the Greek gods (#2). If Typhon hits any of these statues with one of his attacks, then he'll gain some temporary abilities. The statue to be wary of is Hades' statue. If Typhon hits that one, then he'll gain a health drain attack that will completely heal him every time he uses it (even if you have 100% protection against vitality damage). Obviously, that's something you'd just as soon avoid, so either keep Typhon away from the statue, or else destroy it while dodging his attacks.

Note: At some point, either in the expansion pack or in one of the patches, the statues were changed to make them invulnerable to attack. So, depending on the version of the game you're playing, you might need to just stay away from the Hades statue rather than try to destroy it.

The third trick is a minor one. If you run down the stairs away from the summit (that is, back the way you came), then Typhon will return to the center of the summit. If you have a ranged attack, then you can keep Typhon in a loop of advancing towards you (when you jump onto the summit) and then retreating away (when you go down the stairs), all the while pinging him with attacks.

However, as long as you prevent Typhon from using Hades' statue, it doesn't really matter how you approach him. The only way Typhon can regenerate health is to use the Hades health drain attack, and if that isn't available to him, then every blow you land will get you a little closer to his death, and even if you die several times, you'll eventually wear him down and kill him.

When Typhon dies, the original campaign will come to an end. You'll receive 30,000 experience points, Zeus will congratulate you, a portal (Exit A) will appear, and Typhon will drop Typhon's essence, which is sort of like a supercharged version of the mystical orbs dropped by the Telkines. Congratulations!

2 - Statues

If Typhon hits one of these statues with an attack, then he'll briefly gain some special powers. The Apollo statue will give him an energy drain attack and allow him to call down meteors. The Demeter statue will give him a poison attack and allow him to paralyze you briefly with a gripping hand. The Hades statue will give him a health drain attack and allow him to summon abyssal liches. And the Zeus statue will give him a lightning attack. To prevent Typhon from gaining these abilities, you'll either need to keep him away from the statues, or else destroy the statues yourself.


A Mysterious Portal. If you're playing the original version of Titan Quest, then going through this portal will take you to the game's main menu, and you'll unlock the next difficulty level. If you have the Immortal Throne expansion pack, then going through this portal will take you to the Temple of Apollo in Rhodes.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container