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Increases All Skills
Increases All Warfare Skills
Increases All Earth Skills
Increases All Defense Skills
Increases All Spirit Skills
Increases All Hunting Skills
Increases All Storm Skills
Increases All Rogue Skills
Increases All Nature Skills
Increases All Dream Skills
Grants New Skill
Increases Dexterity
Increases Intelligence
Increases Strength
Increases Health
Increases Energy
Increases Energy Regeneration
Increases Health Regeneration
Increases Defensive Ability
Increases Offensive Ability
Increases Armor Protection
Increases Shield Block
Increases Avoid Projectiles
Increases Dodge Attacks
Increases Projectile Speed
Increases Attack Speed
Increases Casting Speed
Increases Movement Speed
Increases Total Speed
Increases Experience Gained
Increases Damage to Beastmen
Increases Damage to Demons
Increases Damage to Insectoids
Increases Damage to Titans
Increases Damage to Undead
Increases Cold Resistance
Increases Damage Resistance
Increases Elemental Resistance
Increases Fire Resistance
Increases Energy Leech Resistance
Increases Life Leech Resistance
Increases Lightning Resistance
Increases Pierce Resistance
Increases Poison Resistance
Increases Stun Resistance
Reduces Recharge Time
Reduces Requirements
Reduces Damage From Beastmen
Reduces Damage From Demons
Reduces Damage From Insectoids
Reduces Damage From Titans
Reduces Damage From Undead
Reduces Shield Recovery Time
Reflects Damage
Skill Disruption Protection
Causes Energy Leech Over Time
Causes Life Leech Over Time
Converts Attack Damage to Health
Inflicts Bleeding Damage
Inflicts Bonus Damage
Inflicts Cold Damage
Inflicts Electrical Burn Damage
Inflicts Elemental Damage
Inflicts Fire Damage
Inflicts Pierce Damage
Inflicts Poison Damage
Inflicts Retaliation Damage
Inflicts Vitality Damage


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