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1 - Cave

Inside this cave, you'll find a bunch of satyrs and and a man named Tellis. Tellis is a part of the "Mounstrous Brigands" side quest, which is triggered in Helos. To free Tellis, you'll need to defeat the four satyrs in the room with him. Then when you talk to him, you'll earn a random piece of magical jewelry plus 300 experience points.

2 - Lycus

You'll find a laborer named Lycus here, surrounded by satyrs. If you defeat the satyrs and then talk to Lycus, you'll receive 1500 gold and 300 experience points.

"I was in a bit of a scrape there, I'll admit. Thank the god Hermes you came along."

3 - Euphadimus

Euphadimus (#3) will tell you that he's transporting medicine to the town of Tegea, but that the way is blocked by satyrs. If you can kill the satyr brute along the trail to the north (#3a), then when you talk to Euphadimus again, he'll heal you, he'll give you a lesser health potion, and you'll also earn 350 experience points.

4 - Theages

Theages (#4) will tell you that demons stole a fine gold necklace from him, and that the necklace was to be his daughter's dowry. You'll find the demon thieves in the cave to the east (#4a). When you kill Pandarus in the back of the cave, it will drop the dowry necklace, and then when you return and talk to Theages again, he'll reward you with a relic shard and 400 experience points.

"The necklace! Oh, may the goddess Hera bless you!"


A Gate to Helos.
B Bridge to the Spartan War Camp.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container