Wusao Caverns

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1 - Ormenos and Typhon

You'll arrive here just in time to see the Telkine Ormenos free the titan Typhon from his chains, and for Typhon to escape to Mount Olympus (via Exit C). However, before you can follow Typhon, you'll need to deal with Ormenos. Ormenos has a couple of fire spells, and he'll also throw rocks at you and summon magma sprites to attack you, but given what you've had to face to get here, this battle shouldn't be too difficult.

Killing Ormenos will complete the main quest "Under Wusao Mountain" and trigger a new main quest "Olympus," and it will earn you 25,000 experience points. Ormenos will also drop one of those mystical orbs when he dies, and clicking on it will generate a bunch of magical equipment for you to loot.


A Exit to the Forest of the Ancients.
B Tunnel.
C Typhon's portal. The portal will take you to Mount Olympus.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container