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1 - Cave

2 - Citizens

These three citizens will introduce you to the side quest "Skeleton Raiders." Nireus (#1) will tell you how the undead have been attacking the city. Autolycus (#1a) will tell you that the undead seem to be coming from the ruins of Old Eleusis (#7). Meikiades (#1b) will conjecture that the undead might be controlled by three skeleton princes: Polypas, Menon and Aristeus.

You'll find the three princes inside Old Eleusis. Fortunately, they'll be residing in different parts of the ruins, and so you'll be able to face them individually (not counting whatever minions they might have with them), making them easier to defeat. Once the three princes are dead, return to Autolycus and talk to him. He'll reward you with 2500 experience points.

"In future times, children will play in those ruins and shepherds will tend their sheep there."

Note: You'll encounter a pair of traps inside Old Eleusis. The traps will shoot at you, but they won't have much range, and they won't be able to aim at you, and so you should be able to use your own ranged attacks to destroy them without taking any damage in return.

3 - Xenoclides

Xenoclides is a storyteller. He'll tell you about the war between the gods and the titans.

4 - Anton

Anton will trigger the side quest "News of a Shipwreck." He'll tell you how sirens caused his ship to crash but how some of the cargo might have washed ashore. You'll find this cargo along the Halcyon Coast to the north.

5 - Timon

Timon is the oligarch of Megara. When you inform him that you'll need an offering for the Oracle of Delphi, he'll tell you to acquire a branch from the sacred olive tree, which is located to the north. Talking to Timon will also net you your first inventory bag.

6 - Broken Bridge

If you talk to Derdas next to the bridge, you'll learn that a Cyclops recently came by and destroyed the bridge with three swipes of its cudgel. Derdas will also claim that he'll fix the bridge in a few days, but it'll never happen. You'll have to take the long way to Athens.

7 - Old Eleusis

You'll find lots of skeletons, plus three undead princes, inside the ruins of Old Eleusis. See #2 for details.


A Path to Tegea.
B Bridge to Boetia.

Other People and Places of Interest:

CCaravan Driver (IT)
EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
$Treasure Container