Spartan War Camp

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1 - Brasidas

Brasidas (#1) guards access to General Leonidas (#2). To pass through the gate, you'll need to prove yourself to Brasidas by killing the centaur Nessus (#1a). Nessus is big and tough, and if you kill his minion centaurs he'll just blow his horn and summon more. The trick for killing Nessus is to move away from where you first meet him. Then if he blows his horn, the new centaurs will appear where he originally was, and they won't attack you if you're far enough away. After killing Nessus, when you talk to Brasidas, he'll allow you to see General Leonidas.

"So you killed it! I have to say, I didn't think you would. You're no Spartan."

Note: Every time you re-start your game, Nessus and the chests in the nearby centaur encampment will re-spawn. So this is a battle you might want to fight more than once.

2 - General Leonidas

The first time you talk to General Leonidas, he'll agree to send some soldiers to Helos. Then he'll tell you to seek out the Oracle of Delphi. However, in order to visit the Oracle, you'll need the proper offering, and so first you'll need to meet with a friend of Leonidas' named Timon in Megara.

The second time you talk with Leonidas, he'll reward you for killing Nessus (#1a). You'll receive 1 skill point and 750 experience points.

3 - Euthycles

Euthycles (#3) will tell you that he's worried about Hippias (#3a), a "father figure" soldier who tends to patrol alone. When you reach Hippias, you'll find several dead satyrs around him. Hippias will seem nonchalant about the whole affair, and he'll actually warn you to be careful with the centaurs in the area. When you return to Euthycles, he'll reward you with 2000 gold and 500 experience points.


A Bridge to Laconia.
B Path to the Mycenean Ruins.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container