Fayum Oasis

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1 - Menemnakht

Menemnakht (#1) and Pa-neb (#1a) will trigger the side quest "Caravan Woes." Menemnakht will tell you that his caravan was attacked by raiders, and that he lost everything, but that he doesn't want any of his goods back. Pa-neb will tell you that the raiders have a leader named Iznu, and that defeating Iznu will stop the attacks.

You'll find Iznu among the ruins north of the oasis (#1b). He's just an orange boss, so he should be relatively easy to kill. Once he's dead, if you return to Pa-neb and talk to him, you'll receive 12,000 experience points.

2 - Asri

Asri (#2) will trigger the side quest "A Hidden Treasure." He'll tell you that once when he was wandering in the desert, he stumbled upon stairs leading down into a tomb, and that inside the tomb he found "chests and chests of treasure."

You can find the tomb yourself north of the oasis (#2a). The tomb is small, and it's not especially different than the other tombs you've been in -- except for the treasure room in the back. There you'll find several chests, including a majestic chest, and when you enter the room you'll receive 9000 experience points.

3 - A'o-pekhty

A'o-pekhty is a storyteller. He'll tell you about the war between Horus and Set, and how Set got half of his "virility" cut off. Ouch!

4 - Qenna

Qenna will tell you that a Telkine came through and destroyed the temple here, just like what happened at the Temple of Ptah near Sais.

5 - Cave

This cave is much larger than the other optional caves, but it's just as optional.

6 - Temple of Atum

The Temple of Atum is the final resting place of the Eye of Chaos, which you'll need to retrieve for the main quest "The Invocation." Of course, the Eye won't just be sitting there all by its lonesome. You'll have to defeat Nehebkau the Scorpus King to get it. Nehebkau summons stygian scorpions to help him, and sometimes he creates a nasty poison cloud, but otherwise he seems to be a relatively straightforward melee boss to defeat.

Note: You'll find five chests (including two majestic chests) in the temple along with Nehebkau. Since this battle is close to the rebirth fountain in the oasis, it's one of the better spots to farm in the game. You can just defeat Nehebkau, loot the chests, exit the game, and then repeat.

Oddity: On the bridge leading up to the temple is an obelisk (#6a) that you can click on and destroy. It has a red animation like it has something to do with health, but the battle with Nehebkau doesn't seem to change whether you destroy it or not.


A Passage to Giza.
B Path to Sobek Plateau.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container