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1 - Merab

Merab (#1) will trigger the side quest "Lowest of the Low." He'll tell you that monsters have overrun the Beggar's Quarter, and he'll ask you to clear them out. Beyond Merab (between #1a and #1b), you'll find the quarter filled with shadowstalkers. Shadowstalkers start out in a gaseous form that makes them immune to ranged attacks, and they'll only fully materialize once they've closed to melee range. That makes them sort of annoying if you're playing a hunter or a spellcaster, so just quaff potions as necessary until you've killed them all. When you return to Merab, you'll receive 8500 experience points and a random magical ring.

2 - Sihathor

Sihathor is a storyteller. He'll introduce you to Osiris, Isis, Set and Horus, and he'll explain how Osiris ended up commanding the land of the dead.

3 - Tathari

Tathari will trigger the side quest "The Missing Brother." She'll tell you about her brother Unas, and how he might have gone on a "foolish, dangerous errand" to wake up a guardian creature in a tomb in Giza. You'll have to defeat the guardian when you get to it, but then when you return to Tathari you'll receive 10,000 experience points and a random magical ring.

"Perhaps... the same evil force that drives the monsters turned the guardian against us."

4 - Imhotep

When you give the Scroll of Invocation to Imhotep, you'll complete the main quest "The Blindness of the Gods," and you'll receive 8000 experience points plus a pair of random magical rings. Imhotep will decipher the scroll, and he'll let you know that you'll need to pick up the Eye of Chaos and the Hand of Balance in order for him to perform the invocation ceremony. You can find the Eye at the Temple of Atum near the Fayum Oasis, and you can find the Hand in the Great Sphinx in Giza.

When you bring the items to Imhotep (now standing next to the gate at Exit B), you'll gain 10,000 experience, 2 attribute points, and a relic shard. Imhotep will fail in his attempt to perform the ceremony, but he'll suggest that whatever the Telkines are searching for must be of importance, and that you should go to the Tomb of Ramses in the Valley of the Kings.

"Why this -- this cannot be! How could we fail? All that we've tried to accomplish has been in vain! It is clear to me that the gods cannot help us. We are now truly on our own."

5 - Zazamankh

Zazamankh will trigger the side quest "The High Priest's Request." He'll tell you that with all of the problems caused by the Telkine, some "troublemakers" have demanded that the priests in the city show their power. The problem is, the priests don't have any power without a magical staff located in Tomb of Khufu in Giza. If you retrieve the Staff of Khufu for Zazamankh, then you'll receive 9000 experience points and a random relic shard.


A Path to the Lower Nile.
B Gate to the Upper Nile. You won't be able to go through this gate until you've completed the main quest "The Invocation."
C Gate of the Palm. This gate leads to Sobek Plateau. The Gate of the Palm and the Gate of the Sphinx (Exit D) both eventually lead to the Fayum Oasis, but this route through Sobek Plateau is completely optional.
D Gate of the Sphinx. This gate leads to Giza.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container