Minoan Labyrinth

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1 - Door

You'll be able to open this door when you first come to it, but after you've gone through it, it will close and stay closed behind you until you've defeated the minotaur lord (#2).

2 - Minotaur Lord

The minotaur lord is a big, bad melee boss. He'll have four traps assisting him, but you might be able to take out a couple of them without him noticing if you creep into the room when you first arrive. Otherwise, just find a safe place to stand and quaff as many potions as it takes to kill him.

3 - Door

This door won't open until you've defeated the minotaur lord (#2).

4 - Megalesios

He's not just a Lesios, he's a Megalesios. Anyway, Megalesios is the Telkine that you've heard so much about during your travels through Greece. When you approach him, he'll create a barrier around himself, and he'll summon four inhabited statues to attack you. The statues are slow, so you can use hit-and-run tactics to take them down.

After destroying the statues, the barrier will fall, allowing you to attack Megalesios. Megalesios casts a variety lightning spells, and he summons limos ("life eater") demons to help him out. The limos demons can drain your health and give Megalesios more hit points, replenishing his health quickly, so target them as soon as you see them. Otherwise, just quaff potions and whack away at Megalesios until he's dead.

When Megalesios dies, he'll drop a magical orb. Clicking on the orb will cause all sorts of magical loot to appear, most likely including something green or better. Megalesios' death will also cause the nearby wall (#5) to open up, allowing Kyros to enter the room.

5 - Wall / Kyros

The wall will start out closed, and it will only open after you've defeated Megalesios (#4). At the same time, Kyros will enter the room. You might remember Kyros as the scared man from Athens who gave you the quest to rescue Phaedrus. When you talk to Kyros, he'll lament the fact that the Telkine was able to destroy the artifact in Knossos, but he'll suggest that a man in Egypt named Imhotep might know a way to allow humans to talk to the gods again, and he'll give you permission to use his ship so that you can sail there right away.

Talking to Kyros a second time will complete the main quest "Under the Labyrinth," which will reward you with a relic shard, a new bag for your inventory, and 7500 experience points. It will also trigger the next main quest "The Blindness of the Gods."

"You -- you destroyed him! I saw it all from where I was hiding! It was amazing! I still can't believe that a mortal actually managed to best a Telkine!"


A Exit to Knossos Palace.
B Stairs between labyrinth levels 1 and 2.
C Stairs between labyrinth levels 2 and 3.
D Exit to Knossos Landing.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container