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1 - Chiron

You'll meet a noble centaur named Chiron here (#1). He'll tell you that the woodland creatures have gone mad (as if you hadn't noticed), and that a maenad priestess named Ino recently stole his magic bow and then hid in a nearby cave (#1a). Chiron will offer to share with you his "great store of wisdom and learning" if you can retrieve his bow for him.

You'll find Ino inside the cave. However, she won't exactly rush to meet you. Every time you enter the room where she is, she'll flee deeper into the cave. Eventually she'll reach a campfire in the back of the cave, and that's where she'll make her stand. Ino was a little buggy when we played, and when we hit her with ranged attacks, she didn't return fire, despite having a magic bow at her disposal.

When Ino dies, she'll drop Chiron's bow. When you return the bow to Chiron, he'll reward you with 2 attribute points, and you'll also receive 3000 experience points.

"It is true. All manner of beasts have gone utterly mad. Even my centaur brothers who were never... civilized are more savage than ever. Something is calling them, somehow, and they answer. But who or what calls them, I cannot tell."

2 - Admetos

Admetos will tell you about a blacksmith "of remarkable skill" who lives along the road to Delphi. You'll find the blacksmith at Crisaeos Falls.

3 - Asimides

Asimides (#3) will tell you how skeletons attacked him one night just after he had set up camp near some ruins, and how he had to leave his goods behind. Asimides is happy just to be alive, and he'll welcome you to claim his goods -- if you can reach them. You'll find the skeletons and the goods west of the town (#3a). Defeating the skeletons will complete the side quest and net you 1000 experience points. The chests probably won't contain anything special.

"I lost my possessions but I kept my life. I would call that a fair trade."

4 - Eurytides

Eurytides is an olive farmer. He'll update the side quest "A Proper Offering" by warning you that "savage brutes" (arachnids) have made a home in his fields.

5 - Sacred Olive Tree

You'll find the sacred olive tree being guarded by Arachne the spider queen. Arachne can summon spider helpers, and she'll create a poison fog that can drain your health faster than your healing potions can heal you. So keep moving around, and whittle away her health. Arachne won't regenerate any damage that you do to her, so if you die just run back and try again.

At the tree itself, you'll find a majestic chest plus probably some lower level chests, and you'll also find a sacred olive branch on a pedestal. When you click on the branch, it will fall to the ground. When you pick up the branch, you'll update the side quest "A Proper Offering."

6 - Cave


A Bridge to Boetia.
B Path to Crisaeos Falls.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container