Quinba Bamboo Forest

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1 - Rang Ju

Rang Ju (#1) will tell you that after his failure to stop the monsters, he threw his weapons away in a nearby cave (#1a). The cave is fairly large -- so large, in fact, that it has two entrances -- but if you explore it thoroughly, you'll find three mahogany chests together on the eastern side. When you get close enough to the chests, you'll gain 26,000 experience points and complete the side quest "A General in Repose." However, the chests are just regular chests. They probably won't contain anything new or exciting.

Note: Rang Ju's cave also leads to a place called the Shrine of Zhong Kui. At least in the normal difficulty setting, you won't find anything of interest there.

2 - Xiao Yishan

Xiao Yishan will trigger the side quest "The Hermit Mage." He'll tell you that a "Taoist mage of great power" used to visit the village, but that he hasn't been seen for some time. You'll find the burned-out home of the mage in the Jinghe River Valley, but you'll never find the mage himself. However, when you approach the home you'll receive 28,000 experience points, and you'll also find three mahogany chests that you can loot.

3 - Ban Gu

Ban Gu is a storyteller. He'll tell you about Lao Tzu and the Way.


A Gate to Chang'an.
B Bridge to the Jinghe River Valley.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container