Tritons Ridge

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1 - Xanthippus

In this spot you'll find Xanthippus (#1), the missing healer from Herakleion. He'll tell you that he was gathering mushrooms in the nearby cave (#1a) when a "monstrous spider" sneaked up behind him, causing him to flee the cave and drop his magical staff. If you can bring his staff back to him, then he'll be able to heal the villagers of Herakleion.

The cave isn't very large, but inside you'll find numerous arachnids, including an arachnid hero named Runelord K'kin'zir. Nothing will happen when you kill K'kin'zir, but near the spot where he spawns you'll come across a treasure chest containing the Staff of Xanthippus. When you return the staff to Xanthippus, he'll heal your wounds and give you some healing potions, and you'll also earn 5000 experience points.

2 - Ancient Tomb

Inside this tomb, you'll meet up with Leucus I, Tyrant of Crete. A bunch of skeletons will suddenly appear when you approach him, but other than that Leucus shouldn't be very tough to kill. In fact, we defeated him so quickly we couldn't even tell if he had any special attacks. Defeating Leucus will complete the side quest "The Undead Tyrant" and net you 6000 experience points.


A Path to Herakleion.
B Bridge to Knossos Palace.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container