Gameplay Tips
You won't start out with much inventory space, but you'll receive more bags for your inventory as you play your way through the campaign.

Each piece of equipment can hold at most one type of charm. Set, legendary and epic items can't hold any charms.

Each time you load your game, not only will all of the monsters re-spawn, but chests will re-spawn as well.

Each character can have at most two skill masteries. You'll get to pick one starting at level 2, and you'll get to pick the other starting at level 8.

The best way to break up groups of monsters is to approach the closest one with your character, and then move away when it notices you. That monster and perhaps a couple others will give chase. If you attack the closest monster with a ranged weapon or spell, then all the nearby monsters will notice you.

Portals and rebirth fountains will always appear in the same places, but shrines and treasure containers are random.

You'll find sepulchers in certain underground dungeons. If you click on a sepulcher and it makes a mechanical clicking noise, that means it's trapped and you should jump out of the way.