Map Notes
There is a certain amount of randomness built into the maps:
  • Portals and rebirth fountains always appear in the same places, but
  • Treasure containers (including things like bone piles and ship wreckage) and shrines are mostly random. It appears that the game designates certain spots where containers and shrines can appear, and then places them in some of those spots each time you load your game.
For the maps used in the walkthrough, we've only labeled the treasure containers and shrines that are either guaranteed to be in their spots (like majestic chests next to bosses), or that appeared in their spots a high percentage of the time.

We played through each area several times, but there is still a certain amount of error in determining how likely containers and shrines are to show up, so don't be surprised if you find containers and shrines where we didn't label them, or don't find them where we claim they should be.