The Great Sphinx

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1 - Pharaoh's Honor Guard

In this room you'll encounter three things: some embalmed dead adepts, some canopic shrines of Kabechsenef, and four large statues called the pharaoh's honor guard. The shrines will continuously produce the adepts, but when you destroy a shrine it will create a spirit that will infuse one of the honor guard statues with life, causing it to stand up and attack you. The honor guard statues are big and tough, so don't rush in and destroy the shrines right away. Take out a shrine, then destroy its associated statue, and then repeat. Once all four statues have been eliminated, the doors to the room will open, allowing you to access the Hand of Balance (#2).

Note: The word "canopic" refers to the jars where they stored the insides of people who were mummified. Kabechsenef was one of the sons of Horus. His canopic jars held the intestines.

2 - Hand of Balance

Picking up the Hand of Balance will complete half of the main quest "The Invocation."


A Exit to Giza.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container