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1 - Captain Apollodorus

Captain Apollodorus can take you back to Knossos Landing.

2 - Imhotep

Imhotep will tell you that there's another way to communicate with the gods: an ancient invocation ceremony. However, in order to perform the ceremony, he'll need the Scroll of Invocation located in the Rhakotis Library (Exit A). Imhotep will ask you to retrieve the scroll and bring it to him at the Temple of Ptah near Sais.

3 - Ameni-amen-a

Ameni-amen-a is a storyteller. He'll tell you about the sun god Ra and the giant serpent Apep.

4 - Anherru

Anherru (#4) will tell you that he lost his sword while fighting a jackalman in the slums, and he'll ask you to retrieve it for him while he guards the main gate. You'll find the jackalman (a mini-boss jackalman berserker) either at one of the spots marked #4a or next to #6. He'll drop the Family Sword of Anherru when he dies. When you deliver the sword to Anherru, you'll receive 6000 experience points and a random relic shard.

5 - Fleeing Civilians

You'll pass by a couple of civilians here fleeing from jackalmen. The civilians can't be killed, and nothing will happen when you kill the jackalmen who are pursuing them.

6 - Lookout Cave

The cave leads to a small plateau overlooking Hathor Basin.


A Entrance to the Rhakotis Library.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container