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Missions: Towards Brotherhood, The Universal Brotherhood, Beneath the Brotherhood

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Background: Towards Brotherhood

It takes nearly an hour for the taxi to make its way from the squalor of the Redmond Barrens across the bridge to the Seattle waterfront and the Universal Brotherhood. The building is a pre-crash brick job with a fancy new facade that sports neon highlights and an enormous set of glass double doors. Through the windows, you can see activity within --smiling, happy disciples shuffling along in beige pajamas and slippers.

A greeter stands outside the front door, gently attempting to entice the misbegotten and the curious to enter and take their first baby steps towards brotherhood. Pike Place Market is usually empty by now but you step out of the cab to the sounds of an excited crowd....

Background: The Universal Brotherhood

In contrast to the noise and energy of the crowd outside, the lobby of the Universal Brotherhood is sedate... tranquil... acquiescent.

The low music piped through the room is something from a day spa mixed with a planetarium sky show, allowing listeners to achieve maximum relaxation while reaching for the stars.

Brothers and Sisters from every race and every branch of meta-humanity mill about with blissful smiles and shining eyes, greeting each other with head nods, palm touches, and murmured blessings.

The woman at the front desk offers you a welcoming smile as you enter, her hand automatically moving to her stack of religious literature.

Background: Beneath the Brotherhood

Past the door is a short passage leading to a freight elevator. You hit the down button and the elevator rumbles its descent. Past where a basement would be. Past where a parking garage would be. The doors open to a very different environment from the one you left. Gone is the airy, soothing atmosphere of the Brotherhood's public face. The corridor leading from the elevator is utilitarian and sterile, the spa music replaced by echoing nothingness.

Somewhere ahead, far below the Universal Brotherhood, is Sam's twin sister. Somewhere ahead, beneath a veneer of unity and belonging, is Sam's killer.

The same woman. Jessica Watts.

Karma Points
  • [3]  Sneak your team into the Universal Brotherhood building (#8).
  • [3]  Enter the Inner Sanctum (Exit B or C).
  • [2]  Find Shane's body (#14).
  • [6]  Free Marie-Louise (#20).
  • [2]  Hack the door control node (#21).
  • [4]  Escape (Exit D).


You'll begin this mission at Pike Place, which you might remember from the Pike Place Market mission. As you approach the Universal Brotherhood building, you'll see that the popular singer Maria Mercurial has started setting up for an impromptu concert (#1). A dealer by the stage will have Jazz, Kamikaze, and Nitro for sale.

In front of the Universal Brotherhood building (Exit A), you'll meet Patrick again. He'll give you lots of information about the Brotherhood, including that Jessica Watts is the leader of the Seattle chapter, and that Lynne Telestrian is an important spokesperson for the cause. He'll also stop you when you attempt to enter, and inform you that you'll only be allowed to go in alone. You won't be able to convince him otherwise, so Coyote and the rest of your team will wait outside -- at least temporarily.

Inside the building, you'll have three main objectives: to reach the private part of the Main Level (the "home area" past the members only doors), to sneak the rest of your team into the building, and to reach the Inner Sanctum (the next level down). You'll have to complete these objectives in the order listed.

Note: You'll meet all sorts of brothers, sisters, and other relatives inside the Universal Brotherhood building. Only the ones with something interesting to say are labeled on the map and mentioned in the walkthrough. The others will give you some background information on the Brotherhood, like why they call Jessica Watts "grandmother." They'll also mention that Jessica is in the Inner Sanctum, and that Lynne left the building 15 minutes ago.

There are four basic ways to enter the private part of the Main Level:
  • In the cafeteria (#4), you can pick up a Can of Kerosene and put it on a warming stove. This will cause a fire, and the Cook will come running in from the kitchen to put it out. This will give you access to the kitchen (#7).

  • You can pick up a Blank Universal ID Card from the front desk (#2), melt it in the cafeteria (#4), and then show it to Brother Christopher in the Counseling Center (#9). As long as you don't say that you're working for Lynne Telestrian, he'll let you into the office (#10). You can also get past Brother Christopher if you tell him that Sister Sally (#2) sent you, then ask about the office, and then use the Security etiquette.

  • Bribing the janitor in the cafeteria (#4) will give you access to the storage room (#5) and the locker room (#6). Inside those rooms, you'll find a Small Bottle of Chloroform and a Janitor Uniform. Posing as a janitor, you can lure Father Willy (#3) into the storage room and knock him out with the chloroform. This will give you a Brotherhood Uniform, a Private Sanctum Keycard, and an Inner Sanctum Keycard. The two keycards will allow you to go through any door in the Main Level. The uniform plus the Inner Sanctum Keycard will get you past the security station (#12) and allow you to use the main elevator to the Inner Sanctum (Exit B).

  • After bribing the janitor in the cafeteria (#4), you'll gain access to the locker room (#6), where you'll find a Janitor ID Passcard. This card will get you through the door to the office (#10).
When you enter the private part of the Main Level, you'll get a call from Coyote, and she'll tell you that she and the rest of your team are waiting for you by a door in the alley. To open this door (#8), you'll just need to make your way into the kitchen (#7) and interact with the panel next to the door. When you open the door, you'll be reunited with your team, and you'll earn 3 karma points. However, this breach in security will cause the members only doors in the Main Level to close and lock, so it's a good idea to have everything you need from the Main Level (including uniforms and keycards) before completing this stage of the mission.

To reach the Inner Sanctum, you'll have two choices:
  • Main elevator (Exit B). To reach this elevator, you'll have to get past the security station (#12). The best way to do this is to have an appropriate keycard (#3, #10, #11a) plus a Brotherhood Uniform (#3, #11). With these two things, you'll be allowed to open the security door and then proceed to the elevator, all without having to fight anybody. But if you're missing the keycard or the uniform, and if you get too close to the security door, then you'll either get attacked or warned to stay away (see #12 for details). However, if a fight starts up, then the security door will open, allowing you to go through.

    Note: If fighting is your plan, then you should wait until your entire team is together before taking on the building's security.

  • Secret passage (Exit C). You'll find this in the kitchen (#7) hidden behind a vending machine. To move the vending machine out of the way, you'll need Strength 5 or a Tub of Lard (found at #5). Then when the secret passage is exposed, you'll need Decking 5 or Decking 1 plus Father Willy's Private Sanctum Keycard (#3) to get it open.
The Inner Sanctum will mostly be empty. If you entered via the elevator (Exit B), then you'll find some stuff to loot (#13, #15, #17) and a security checkpoint to fight through (#16) before arriving in the summoning chamber (#19), where another fight will break out. If you entered via the secret passage (Exit C), then you'll find a Record of Payments in an office (#18), but you won't have to fight anybody before reaching the summoning chamber.

When you kill the guards in the summoning chamber (#19), one of them will drop a UB Holding Cell Key. This key will allow you to open Marie-Louise's cell (#20). However, when you do this, you'll start the end-mission battle sequence, so it's a good idea to finish exploring and looting before you proceed.

When you free Marie-Louise from her cell, you'll earn 6 karma points, but then Jessica Watts will show up in the observation room (where you won't be able to attack her). During the ensuing conversation, you'll learn that the Universal Brotherhood has been "transcending" into insect-like creatures, and that Marie-Louise was supposed to be the host for their queen.

At the end of the conversation, Jessica will call for reinforcements, and you'll get attacked by two Brotherhood Followers and two "true form" bugs. Jessica will then lock you into the summoning chamber and take a front row seat for the battle. Meanwhile, Marie-Louise will rush into the computer room (#21) and jack into one of the terminals there, so she can hack open a door for you. You'll find multiple terminals in the computer room, so you can send a decker to help Marie-Louise if you want, but she should be able to take care of herself.

For the summoning room battle, you should take down the Brotherhood Followers first. They're just cannon fodder and should go down quickly. But when you "kill" one of the bugs, it'll turn into a spirit, and then the next turn it'll revert back to its true form. So you won't be able to kill the bugs. You'll just have to deal with them until Marie-Louise can open a door for you.

The bugs in their spirit form will only deal 1 AP and 1 HP damage, which you should be able to withstand for a long time. So try to kill the bugs when they're in their true form as quickly as possible, so you'll mostly only face their spirit form. Also, the venom bug is much more dangerous than the worker bug, so if both bugs are in their true form, then target the venom bug first.

The battle against the bugs won't ever end, but eventually Marie-Louise will hack into a Door Control Node and open up a door for you (#22), which will give you access to an exit from the building (Exit D). This will earn you 2 karma points. At the same time, a decker named Baron Samedi will contact Marie-Louise and request that you get ahold of him as soon as you're safe.

When you escape from the summoning chamber, you'll earn 4 karma points, and you'll appear in an alley behind the Brotherhood building. Marie-Louise will run away without explaining anything, but then you'll hear from Baron Samedi again, and he'll invite you to meet with him in the Shadowlands (which you'll be able to do when you return to the Union).

To complete the mission, you'll just need to exit from the alley map.

1 - Stage

2 - Front Desk

You'll meet Sister Sally at the front desk. If you inform her that Maria Mercurial is outside signing autographs, then she'll race away to get one. This will allow you to pick up a Blank Universal Brotherhood ID Card from a box by the desk. Sister Sally will stay outside for the rest of the mission, so if you need more blank cards, then you'll able to get them here. You'll also find blank cards in the office (#10).

3 - Auditorium

You'll meet Father Willy here. With a Small Bottle of Chloroform (#5) and a Janitor Uniform (#6), you can lure him into the storeroom (#5) and steal his Brotherhood Uniform, his Private Sanctum Keycard, and his Inner Sanctum Keycard.

4 - Cafeteria

You can do lots of things in the cafeteria:
  • At the ladder, if you loot it then you'll receive a Small Can of Kerosene. If you dip your Blank Universal ID Card (from #2 or #10) into the can of paint solvent, then you'll get a Melted Universal Brotherhood ID Card.

  • At the warming oven, if you press your Blank Universal ID Card (from #2 or #10) into it, then you'll get a Melted Universal Brotherhood ID Card. If you put the Can of Kerosene (from the nearby ladder) onto it, then it'll start a fire, and the Cook will come running in from the kitchen (#7) to put it out. This will give you access to the kitchen.

  • To get anything useful out of the Janitor, you'll need to pay him -- twice. Just to have a conversation with him, it'll cost you 100 or 200 nuyen (you'll negotiate for 200 or 300 nuyen, but the negotiation is bugged, and you won't have to pay the entire amount; to get the lesser price, you'll need Charisma 4). Then to gain access to the storeroom behind him (#5), it'll cost you between 150 and 500 nuyen. To get the cheapest price, you should offer to buy his ID card, then ask where you can get a different card, and then offer 150 nuyen.

5 - Storeroom

To get into this storeroom, you'll need to bribe the janitor in the cafeteria (#4), or you'll need an appropriate Brotherhood keycard (#3, #10, #11). Inside, you'll find a Tub of Lard and a Small Bottle of Chloroform. The lard will allow you to move the vending machine in the kitchen (#7) and reveal a secret passage to the Inner Sanctum (Exit C). The chloroform (along with a Janitor Uniform from #6) will allow you to lure Father Willy (#3) into the storeroom, knock him out, and steal his clothes and keycards.

6 - Locker Room

Inside the locker room, you'll find four janitor uniforms, one of which will fit you. You'll also find a Janitor ID Passcard. This passcard will allow you to open the door to the office (#10).

7 - Kitchen

8 - Alley Door

9 - Counseling Center

You'll meet Brother Christopher here. With a Melted Universal Brotherhood ID Card (from #2 and #4) or the Security etiquette, you'll be able to convince him to let you into the office (#10). If you're using the melted card, then any excuse you make will work, as long as you don't claim that you're working for Lynne Telestrian.

10 - Office

You'll find a key card machine and a box of Blank Universal Brotherhood ID Cards in this room. When you activate the key card machine and place a blank card into it, you'll receive some options for creating a new card:
  • With Decking 6, you'll get an Inner Sanctum Access Keycard. This card will open all of the locked doors in the Main Level.

  • With Decking 4, you'll get a UB Home Area Access Card. This card will open most of the locked doors in the Main Level, but it won't get you past the Security Station (#12).

  • Without Decking, you'll need to figure out the appropriate information so you can create a card yourself. This will require you to learn fur things:

    • Name and Housing Location. The first time you try to create a card, you'll see a list of six names. If you then go over to the "map desk" and select the "Home Areas," then you'll be shown the residents of the four dorms. Only one of the names from the key card machine will be there: Monica Sachnoff in Dorm B.

    • UB ID Alphanumeric. For this entry, you'll need to log into Sister Dawne Wehrs' computer. With Decking 4, you'll be able to get right in. Otherwise, you'll need to use admin functions and password recovery to figure out her password. For this, note the pictures next to her computer where she calls her dog "my diminutive friend." Then in password recovery, when you're asked for the name of her "favorite frisbee catcher," select "Shorty."

      Once you're logged in, select "Authorize new cards" and then select Monica's name. You'll see that her alphanumeric is "SEA134-647."

    • Private Password. For this entry, you should check out the letters in the trash can. You'll see one from Monica to her brother Brian. From it, you'll learn that she loves Brian but couldn't pronounce his name when he was a baby. With these hints, you should be able to guess that the right password is "BabyBree."

    When you get all of the entries right, you'll receive a UB Home Area Access Card. This card will open most of the locked doors in the Main Level, but it won't get you past the Security Station (#12). If you get one or more of the entries wrong, then you'll be allowed to try again, as many times as you need.

11 - Dorms

Inside each dorm, you'll find a Brotherhood Uniform. Uniforms fitting male characters will be in the men's dorms and uniforms fitting female characters will be in the women's dorms.

In the women's dorm closest to the office (#11a), if you read the "Congratulations!" card on the bunk, then you'll be allowed to check out the locker in the room, where you'll find a safe. There isn't any penalty for forcing the safe open, but you can also pick its lock with Intelligence 5. Inside, you'll find an Inner Sanctum Access Keycard, which will open all of the doors in the Main Level.

In the men's dorm closest to the kitchen (#11b), you'll discover that Shane's (Cherry Bomb's ex-boyfriend's) personal belongings have been packed up for sale at a thrift shop, and that Shane has been "moved downstairs" because he "could not accept the Truth." If you didn't talk to Cherry Bomb during the mission Moving Parts, or if you skipped that mission, then finding Shane's stuff in this dorm will trigger an objective to find out what happened to him.

12 - Security Station

If you get too close to this security station, then you'll get scanned. If you don't have a Brotherhood Uniform (#3, #11) then you'll get attacked. If you don't have the right access keycard -- the Inner Sanctum Access Keycard (#10, #11a) or the Private Sanctum Keycard (#3) -- then you'll either get warned or attacked. If you have both uniform and keycard, then you'll be allowed to pass.

If you get attacked, then the two turrets next to the door will open fire, and two security guards will come rushing out of the security station. For best results, you should immediately retreat down the hall so you can fight the guards without the turrets being able to target you, and then take on the turrets afterwards. But note: fighting your way through the security station is not ideal because it means you'll start out in combat mode when you eventually enter the Inner Sanctum.

13 - Storage Room

You'll find a Basic Medkit in this room.

14 - Shane's Body

If you received the quest to find out what happened to Shane (from Cherry Bomb during the mission Moving Parts, or from #11b), then you'll discover his body in one of these two places (depending on which entrance you used). Examining the body will earn you 2 karma points. You'll also find Shane's ID Card, which isn't used for anything in the campaign.

15 - Storage Room

You'll find an Advanced Medkit in this room.

16 - Security Checkpoint

17 - Armory

You'll find two Cavalier Frag Grenades in this room.

18 - Office

If you examine the desk in this room, then you'll find a Record of Payments. This is an item that Van Graas will buy when you return to the Union.

19 - Summoning Chamber

20 - Cell

21 - Computer Room

22 - Locked Door

  1. Entrance to the Universal Brotherhood building.
  2. Elevator to the Inner Sanctum.
  3. Secret Passage to the Inner Sanctum.
  4. Escape door.