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Missions: Return to the Docks and Spirit Talk

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Background: Return to the Docks

You return to the docks to meet Shannon Half-Sky. The Ripper's latest victim was her brother, but Shannon appears cool and professional, a consummate runner by birth, if not by trade. She'll get the job done. And hopefully, one of the hearth spirits in this place can point you towards the Ripper.

Dealing with spirits can be tricky business -- but when they deliver, it's pure platinum. One doesn't have to be an Amerindian shaman to summon and control spirits -- anyone with magic talent can do it. But Shannon seems to have a particular connection to the spirit world.

As you approach the gate, you know something's not right. The docks, already strange and uncomfortable at night, trigger the need for caution. Then you see it. The guards are missing and the gate's been smashed in....

Background: Spirit Talk

You head inside the darkened warehouse with Shannon. Her eyes have that far-off gaze associated with looking into the astral plane.

When the world changed, the Native American tribes made a resurgence as well, demanding a place in the new world. They got it. The Salish-Shidhe Council now represents 8.6 million Amerindians across a multitude of tribes: Salish, Makah, Sincearach, and others. They've adapted to the Awakening better than other nations, thanks to a deeper connection to the world, both physical and spiritual. You can see that connection alive in Shannon now.

You notice the shift in her focus as she returns to the present. She nods to you. She can sense the spirits in this place... now you just need to find them.

Karma Points
  • [4]  Pick up the warehouse key.
  • [8]  Collect the Ripper's blood (#2).


When you reach the front gate (#1), you'll discover that it has been knocked down -- and that a Scrawny Guard has been left behind to watch it. If you have the Corporate or Shadowrunner etiquette, then you'll be able to convince the guard to leave. Otherwise, he'll attack you, but he'll be all by himself, so he should go down easily.

Past the guard, when you get within sight of the warehouse entrance (Exit A), four shadowrunners will rush out from behind the building and attack you. However, they'll spread out, and if you approach them from the west (the direction of the helicopter), then you should be able to fight them two at a time, making the battle easier. One of the shadowrunners will drop the NTSB Warehouse Key when she dies. Picking it up will earn you 4 karma points.

Inside the warehouse, you'll encounter five shadowrunners in the main chamber (#2), plus three more in the middle chamber (#3). For each battle, try to take advantage of the available cover, be sure to use buffs and healing as the fight progresses, and concentrate your attacks on one enemy at a time. Some of the shadowrunners will have grenades, so try to keep your characters separated as well. Finally, don't forget to load your weapons and recast buffs in between the two battles.

When all of the enemy shadowrunners are down, Sharon will rush into the back chamber (#4), where she'll want to contact the spirits. Before joining her there, be sure to loot the Ares Flight Recorder from one of the dead shadowrunners in the middle chamber. You'll be able to sell it later to Van Graas at the Union.

Inside the back chamber, Shannon will summon some Forgotten Souls. When you show them the first two personal items, they'll tell you that an elf and troll were responsible for the murder, and that the elf left a little bit of himself behind. If you show the spirits a third item, then you'll see a vision of the elf and troll, and you'll probably recognize the elf as the "ugly elf" from the Pike Place Market crime scene. If you show the spirits a fourth item, then they'll ask for release. It won't make any difference how you respond.

Back in the main chamber (#2), if you search the area where you saw the body before, then you'll find some DNA Evidence -- specifically, blood. Shannon will take a sample so she can try and track the killer, but she'll let you have the rest. Gaining the evidence will earn you 8 karma points.

To complete the mission, you'll just need to exit the warehouse (via Exit A).

1 - Front Gate

2 - Main Chamber

3 - Middle Chamber

4 - Back Chamber

  1. Warehouse entrance.