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Mission: Down and Out

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Your apartment, three o'clock in the morning. It's got four walls, a roof, and isn't on fire. Even the cockroaches have fled in search of better accommodations. Not exactly a Runner's dream pad... but right now, it's about all you have left.

Running the shadows is all about feast or famine. One day you're novahot, working jobs that allow you to eat at five star restaurants, the next, well, you're here. This one's a famine for the ages. Slagging fixer hasn't called. The money's run out, and then some. SINless and free. Free to starve in the cracks of a society run by megacorps who just want your nuyen.

Something needs to change, and soon.

Karma Points
  • None


This mission is an introduction and tutorial for the game, so feel free to take your time and familiarize yourself with the interface and your character. There isn't a time limit for this mission or any other mission.

To start out, you'll need to examine your apartment, including your computer (#1), your most recent bank statement (#2), and your notebook (#3). These will indicate that you're in dire straits. You might also notice that the contacts in your notebook list a lot of people who are missing or dead, including Dowd, New Larry, Sam Watts, and Sangoma.

Note: To make hotspots show up on screen, press the ALT key.

After perusing your contacts, your vidphone (#4) will ring. When you answer, you'll discover that it's a recorded message from Sam Watts, who is apparently dead. Watts will be in good spirits, all things considered, and he'll mention the night Dowd died three years ago. This will trigger a flashback sequence where you'll return to that night.

In the flashback sequence, you'll find yourself at a makeshift bar at the docks (#5). New Larry, Sangoma, and Watts will be there, but before you talk to them, it's a good idea to head over to a nearby container (#6) and loot the Basic Medkit from inside. You can never have too many healing supplies.

When you talk to everybody at the bar, you'll discover that New Larry set you up, and that he let Dowd get killed. Renraku security agents will then attack you in waves: two from the south, two from the north, and then two from the west. Meanwhile, Larry will attack you as well.

The battle might prove tough, depending on your class and difficulty. Sangoma and Watts are pretty lethal, so let them do the bulk of the work, especially if you're playing a classless character, and your guns don't match your skills. Also, don't forget that you have grenades and healing supplies. They might prove necessary before the end of the battle.

When the battle ends, so will the flashback, and you'll return to your apartment. Watts will finish his call, and he'll let you know that he's set aside 100,000 nuyen if you can find his killer. He'll also inform you that he had a locator chip placed into his head, which will allow you to track down his corpse. This will lead you to Seattle, where you'll start your next mission.

1 - Computer

2 - Bank Statement

3 - Notebook

4 - Vidphone

5 - Bar

6 - Container