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Mission: Moving Parts

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You put the pieces together. Jessica Watts was reassembling her mother, Melinda -- gathering her missing organs to allow Melinda a decent burial. Organs Sam sold for a quick buck after her death.

The ghoul attack after the ceremony didn't appear to be part of Lynne Telestrian's attempt to get you out of Jessica's way -- they were just more victims of magic's helter-skelter return to the world. Lynne's well-armed security unit was a different animal entirely.

You head back to the Union to resupply and rearm. Whatever Lynne and Jessica are involved with, it appears to be a large operation, and the trail leads to the Universal Brotherhood.

Karma Points
  • [0]  None


There are only a couple of things you can do during this mission:
  • Talk to Cherry Bomb (#1). When you mention the Universal Brotherhood to her, she'll ask you to look for her ex-boyfriend Shane, who has gone missing. If you forget to talk to Cherry Bomb, or if you skip this mission entirely, then you'll still be able to find Shane during the next mission.

  • Talk to Mr. Delilah (#3). He'll allow you to hire some runners for the next mission. Coyote will automatically join you for free. Otherwise, you'll just need a standard team. There will be some decking opportunities during the next mission, but they'll just give you extra options, so a decker isn't required. Hiring runners will end the mission, so do it last.

1 - Cherry Bomb

2 - Jon Bartlett

3 - Piano / Safehouse