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Mission: The Dead Man's Switch

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Your plane hits the Sea-Tac tarmac with a jolt. Welcome to Seattle. The chilly northwest rain obscures your vision as you step onto the tarmac. Before long, you're sitting in the cramped backseat of a cab, following the signal from Sam's locator chip into the heart of the Redmond Barrens.

Organ Grinders -- a legal chop shop for body parts... whether from the living or the dead. If you're hurting bad enough for nuyen, this is the place to sell a limb or an organ. It's also a good place to dispose of an inconvenient body while making a little cash on the side.

This franchise is the closest thing the Barrens has to a morgue -- it seems this is where Sam Watts' body has ended up. You open the door and are assaulted by the smell of death and bleach.

Karma Points
  • [2]  Ask Dresden where Watts was murdered.


You'll start out in the Morgue, where you'll meet the coroner, a dwarf named Dresden (#1). After you've introduced yourself, Dresden will lead you into a side room, where he'll tell you a bit about Watts' death, and you'll see Watts body (#2). From Dresden, you'll learn that Watts is the latest victim of the Emerald City Ripper, and that he had his liver removed (while the Ripper's other two victims lost a heart and a spleen).

Before Dresden can tell you anything more, Detective McKlusky will enter the morgue, and Dresden will scurry off to talk to him. This will give you a chance to examine the body. On it you'll find a business card for the Seamstresses Union, a mostly-unreadable message from somebody named Jessica, and a credstick. If you loot the credstick, then you'll earn 300 nuyen. You can also loot a Basic Medkit from a nearby cabinet.

When you head over to McKlusky and Dresden, you'll learn a few more details about the Ripper -- that he stuns his victims and removes an organ while they're still alive, that he's good with a scalpel, which almost nobody uses anymore, and that he's right-handed. Then McKlusky will take off, and Dresden will decide that you're more likely to solve Watts' murder than McKlusky is, and so he'll continue answering your questions. When you eventually ask where Watts died, you'll earn two karma points, and Dresden will direct you to the body lockers in the back of the room.

At the lockers (#4), you'll meet Jake Armitage. He'll tell you that Watts was in the Seamstresses Union the night he died, that he disappeared from the back alley when Jake was attacked by a group of gangers looking to collect on a bounty, and that Watts' body was later found only a block away, minus a liver. Jake will then make you a deal. He'll offer to show you around, if you help him to take care of the gangers. When you agree, he'll give you a weapon: an AK-97 (rifle), a Beretta Model 70 (SMG), a Baseball Bat (melee), a Fichetti Security 500 (pistol), or a Street Sweeper (shotgun).

Note: You can also negotiate a fee from Jake, either 1000 or 1500 nuyen. If you don't negotiate, then you'll earn 1000 nuyen. You'll receive the fee during the next mission.

To continue on, you'll just need to exit from the Morgue (at Exit A). Jake will follow along behind you.

1 - Dresden

2 - Watts

3 - Cabinets

Inside these cabinets, you'll find a Basic Medkit and a Doc Wagon Basic Trauma Kit.

4 - Locker

  1. Morgue entrance.