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Mission: The Union

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Getting justice for Sam is going to take more effort than it originally appeared. You didn't anticipate his killer being protected by a cult filled with giant unkillable bugs. But she is -- and if you're going to get to her, you're going to need to find a way around -- or through -- those bugs.

After a taste of the Belonging that the Universal Brotherhood offered, the sordid surroundings of the Seamstresses Union feel more like home than ever.

Karma Points
  • None


There are a few people you should talk to in the Union:
  • Mrs. Kubota (#1). You'll be able to talk to her after meeting with Baron Samedi (#7). If you ask her what's troubling her and offer to help, then she'll tell you that the city is planning on shutting down the power supply to Touristville -- including the Union. Learning this will give you an extra dialogue option in the epilogue.

  • Cherry Bomb (#2). If you learned about Shane during the previous mission, then you'll be able to tell Cherry the bad news, which she'll take philosophically. Regardless, at the end of your conversation, Cherry will tell you that Johnny Clean is freaked out about something, and that he'd like to talk to you in the Safehouse (#7).

  • Coyote (#3). She'll ask you to take her with you when you go after Jessica Watts again.

  • Mr. Johnson (#5). He'll offer you a job to extract a scientist named Saada from Renraku. This is an optional job, but it'll net you nuyen and karma points, so you should accept it.

  • Bobby (#6). You might remember him from The Redmond Barrens mission. He'll have Jazz, Kamikaze, and Nitro for sale.

  • Van Graas (#8). If you picked up the Record of Payments during the previous mission, then Van Graas will offer you 2000 nuyen for it. With the Shadowrunner etiquette, you'll be able to get 2500 nuyen instead. With the Socialite etiquette, you'll be able to get 3000.

  • Shopkeepers (#7). All of the shopkeepers in the Safehouse will have new items for sale. This will be the last update for most of them. The only new items you'll find for sale after this are a few smartlink weapons, which are barely better than regular weapons.

  • Johnny Clean (#7). He'll set up a portal so you can enter the Shadowlands (even if you're not a decker) and meet with Baron Samedi. Once inside, Samedi will inform you that he knows all about Jessica Watts and her bugs, and he'll offer you his assistance. In particular, he'll tell you that Telestrian Industries has developed a substance called Aegis that can kill the bugs, and that a sample of it can be found in one of Telestrian's office complexes right here in Seattle. All you'll need to do is sneak in there and steal it.

    When you agree to Samedi's plan, you'll earn 4 karma points, and he'll pay you 8000 nuyen so you can hire a team. If you demand payment for completing the job, then he'll offer you 50,000 nuyen, but you can negotiate that up to 75,000 nuyen if you want -- for all that it matters. You won't actually be able to collect.
To complete this mission, you'll need to talk to Mr. Delilah (#7). You'll potentially have two jobs available:
  • Mr. Johnson's optional mission (#5). If you're interested in this mission, then you should hire a team for "a Renraku Lab." This is the only chance you'll have to go on this mission. If you go on Baron Samedi's mission first, then this one will stop being available. You'll need to do a lot of fighting during this mission, and having Decking 6 will earn you an extra 1500 nuyen.

  • Baron Samedi's main mission (#7). When you're ready for this mission, you should hire a team for "a Telestrian Office." You'll need a decker for this mission as well, but you'll be able to hire Dodger (Johnny Clean's recommendation) for only 1000 nuyen.

1 - Mrs. Kubota

2 - Cherry Bomb

3 - Coyote

4 - Jon Bartlett

5 - Mr. Johnson

6 - Bobby

7 - Safehouse

8 - Van Graas

9 - Mr. Kluwe