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Mission: Telestrian Industries

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The sleek contour of the Telestrian Industries building slices through the Seattle skyline, gracefully arcing towards the south, towards its birthplace in the elven nation of Tir Tairngire. You stand at the lobby entrance, waiting for Samedi's go signal.

The moment extends. Stepping over a corp threshold is a little like stepping into a foreign country. Or over a line. Corporations have power so far above the average citizen, that assaulting one seems insane -- like threatening the gods of Olympus.

Land owned by a multinational is corporate soil, exempt from domestic laws. Their employees aren't state citizens; they're corporate citizens, and their top execs can't be brought to trial for some alleged crime. The runner who goes full frontal on a corp is making a statement. Making a name.

Three chirps on your commlink. It's go time.

Karma Points
  • [8]  Examine the terminals in the accounting office (#4).
  • [6]  Hack the elevator controls (#12).


When you arrive in the office complex (#1), Baron Samedi will contact you and let you know that he's rerouted the guards, and that the coast should be clear. But he's wrong. You'll encounter lots of security personnel as you make your way through the first level of the building.

In the lobby (#2), you'll run into two guards. They'll trigger an alarm when they spot you, which will close and lock the exits from the room. One of the guards will drop a Telestrian Security Access Card when he dies, which will allow you to log into the computer in the back of the room. Interacting with the computer will open the exit doors -- and also inform you that a terminal in accounting (#4) has been left unsecured.

When you enter the accounting office (#4), four guards, including a mage, will rush in and attack you. After defeating them, you should examine the terminals in the room. They'll disclose a few things of interest: that the Aegis project was shut down five days ago, with more information only available to the CEO; that the Watts family is somehow tied to the company (with Melinda Watts having received a payment of million nuyen); that Lynne Telestrian once worked for the company; and that the company pays regular bribes to Detective McKlusky. After examining the third terminal, you'll find the door code for the exit -- 1915 -- and you'll earn 8 karma points.

Note: Depending on the order you use when examining the terminals, you might learn more by checking all three, and then checking all three again.

Past the accounting office, you'll discover a security checkpoint (#6), complete with four guards and a pair of turrets. It's a bad idea to fight these enemies head-on. Instead, you should immediately turn right and go into a private office (#7). The guards will chase you in there (using both entrances), but this way you'll be able to fight them without worrying about the turrets.

At the same time that you trigger the fight against the security checkpoint, two guards will spawn behind you (#3), and then later two more guards will come out of the elevator (Exit A). While you're waiting for these guards, you should move your team into the adjacent lab (#8), and jack your decker into the terminal there. The decker will be able to take control of the turrets (#9), hack into some legal files and learn that the Watts are related to the Telestrians (#10), hack into Telestrian's patent records and gain 2000 nuyen immediately (#11), and get the elevator working again (#12). Hacking the elevator will earn you 6 karma points.

Note: If your decker gets "killed" in the matrix, then he'll get jettisoned back into reality with half health. But magical healing will restore all of that health, and you'll be able to jack him right back into the matrix. If you have trouble with the combat, or you keep getting killed, be sure to use the Suppression program as often as possible to keep the Black IC from showing up and making things worse.

Another Note: You'll get ambushed when you approach the elevator control node (#12), so be prepared for a major fight.

To complete the mission, you'll just need to exit the level via the elevator (Exit A).

1 - Entrance

2 - Lobby

3 - Ambush

4 - Accounting Office

5 - Drone Access Vents

6 - Security Checkpoint

7 - Private Office

8 - Lab

9 - Turret Control Nodes

10 - Legal Files Data Store Node

11 - Patents Datastore

12 - Elevator Control Node

  1. Elevator.
  2. Matrix entrance.