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Mission: Pike Place Market

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You catch a cab from Touristville to Pike Place Market in a mercifully quiet ride that takes you from "probably going to be mugged" to "probably going to pay too much for your drinks."

Compared to the urban wasteland of the Barrens, the Downtown area is filled with modern buildings, lighted streets, and unbarred shops. All living beneath the shadows of massive corporate arcologies. For many, these arcologies are home. For others, they're hulking monuments to where the world went wrong.

Famous for its fishmongers, Pike Place Market has been around since the early 1900s overlooking the Bay. Now, it's a market for all things -- legal and illegal. A melting pot of the haves and have-nots. Even though most of the shops are closed, the sights, sounds, and smells of the Market hit you from the moment you step out of the cab.

Karma Points
  • [3]  Talk to Paco (#2).
  • [1]  Investigate the crime scene (#4).
  • [1]  Retrieve Lucy's necklace for Frank (#5).


Not far from your starting position, you'll run into Paco, Coyote's boyfriend (#2). He'll be worried about Coyote, and when you mention that she might have taken a job from a fixer named Mr. Delilah, he'll suddenly realize where she must have gone -- to rob a drug dealer named Stevie J at the Royale Apartments. You and Paco will agree to confront this man together, and Paco will begin following you. This will earn you 3 karma points.

On your way to the apartments, you'll run into Manny, son of Maury, right outside Maury's Meat Emporium (#3). When you ask him about zebra meat, he'll mention that hellhounds "go crazy" for it. This will cause Paco's brain cells to begin firing again, and he'll suddenly remember that Stevie J keeps some hellhounds with him. If you show Coyote's receipt to Manny, then he'll give you the Zebra Meat that she ordered.

Past the Meat Emporium, you'll discover another crime scene, complete with the Ripper's fourth victim (#4). Officer Landers out front won't allow you through -- even if you use the Security etiquette on him -- but luckily Dresden will be there, and he'll vouch for you.

You'll be able to do four things at the crime scene:
  • Examine the body. You'll see that the victim is missing her eyes, and that she has bite marks on her arm.

  • Talk to Officer Aguirre. He won't mind working with you since you're not Detective McKlusky, but he won't know anything useful about the case. At the end of your conversation, Aguirre will try to wheedle a donation out of you for the Lonely Orphans Fund -- that is, him -- and he'll accept 200 or 300 nuyen. Paying Aguirre will help you in two places in the campaign:

    • Aguirre will help you with Frank's quest (#5), which might save you 50 nuyen.

    • During the mission The Warehouse, you'll be able to download Incriminating Data from a computer, and sell it later for 800-1000 nuyen. If you paid Aguirre, then the data will be freely available. Otherwise, it'll require Decking 4.

    So if you're not a decker, then you should definitely pay the bribe.

  • Talk to Dresden. He'll identify the victim as Lucy Warden, a waitress at the nearby Stuffer Shack. He'll also let you know that the bite marks on her arm came from a pack of dogs and not the murderer.

  • Talk to the ugly elf watching the crime scene. He'll obviously be up to something, but you won't find out what until later in the game.
After completing all four interactions, you'll earn 1 karma point.

A couple of blocks past the crime scene, you'll run into Frank outside the Stuffer Shack where Lucy worked (#5). If you're polite to Frank -- don't ask him about the "waterworks" -- then he'll tell you that he was a friend of Lucy's and that he called her "Blind Lucy" because she used to be legally blind until a year ago when she received a new pair of eyes.

At the end of your conversation with Frank, he'll ask you if you're a part of the murder investigation. If you say that you are, then he'll ask you to retrieve Lucy's necklace before it disappears into evidence forever. Back at the crime scene, you'll find the necklace on Lucy's body. You'll have four ways to nab it:
  • If you paid off Officer Aguirre, then you can ask him for it.

  • With Quickness 4, you can simply take it.

  • You can bribe Officer Landers 50 nuyen.

  • You can trick Officer Landers by using Spirit Summoning 2.
When you hand over the necklace to Frank, you'll earn 1 karma point. If you demand payment, then he'll shell out 200 nuyen. There isn't any way to sell the necklace later in the game, so you might as well give it to Frank, one way or the other.

To complete the mission, you'll just need to enter the Royale Apartments (Exit A).

1 - Patrick

Patrick will extoll the virtues of the Universal Brotherhood, and he'll invite you to come to one of their meetings.

2 - Paco

3 - Manny

4 - Crime Scene

5 - Frank

6 - Junkie

If you pay the junkie 5 or 10 nuyen, then nothing will happen. But if you call him a "bakebrain," then he and a street thug will attack you, and you won't earn anything for defeating them.

  1. Entrance to the Royale Apartments.