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Mission: The Estate

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From the floor of the Lone Star cruiser, you watch the tops of the downtown corridor's office buildings disappear, replaced by the gray overcast over the 1-90 bridge. The nylon restraints binding your wrists and ankles, along with McKlusky's whistling to the radio, make for an unpleasant ride.

A half-hour later, the cruiser hits a whisper-smooth patch of road and a magnificent mansion fills your view, its design a blend of old-world finery and elvish grace.

The car pulls to an abrupt halt and you're dragged onto the driveway where McKlusky pulls a nasty-looking knife and cuts your bonds. You look up to see you're surrounded by a squad of green clad 'Ghosts' -- special forces troops from Tir Tairngire.

Massaging the feeling back into your numb extremities, you prepare to meet the man himself -- James Telestrian III.

Karma Points
  • [8]  Attend the committee meeting (#3).


You'll begin this mission in the entrance hall of James Telestrian's estate (#1). Detective McKlusky and Telestrian's personal assistant Mr. Quoth will be nearby. Neither one will have anything interesting to say. McKlusky will insult you, and Mr. Quoth will show you the way to Telestrian's office.

Inside the office (#2), you'll meet James Telestrian. He'll quiz you on your activities the night before, and he'll talk about the "debt" you owe him. You can try to deny everything if you want, but eventually you'll be forced to spill the beans. At that point, Telestrian's daughter Marie-Louise will come in and identify you as her rescuer, and that will get you off the hook.

Next up, you'll be shown into the library for a "committee" meeting (#3). During the ensuing conversation, you'll learn that Telestrian and his friends already knew about the bugs, which is why they were producing Aegis. You'll also learn that they've created some prototype Aegis weapons, which will allow you to kill the bugs when they're in their spirit form. Finally, you'll be invited to lead the assault on the "Hive" where Jessica Watts is planning to summon the bug queen and start the bug invasion. You won't be allowed to refuse.

At the end of the meeting, you'll earn 8 karma points, and you'll be given 10,000 nuyen so you can hire a team and buy supplies. You'll also be able to demand a fee from Telestrian. He'll offer you 1,000,000 nuyen to complete the mission, but with the Corporate etiquette you'll be able to negotiate that amount up to 1,500,000 nuyen. Of course, when you later try to collect the payment, Telestrian will figure out some "deductions" that you owe him, so you won't actually receive much of it. Plus, you'll only receive the money during the epilogue mission, when it won't make any difference.

Before heading off to the Hive, it's a good idea to talk to a few people in the estate. Aljernon (#3) will have spells for sale (but nothing new). Mr. Quoth (#4) will have weapons, grenades, outfits, healing supplies, and cyberware for sale (with only smartlinked weapons being new). Hans (#3), James (#2), and Marie-Louise (#4) will provide you with some extra background information.

When you're ready to go, you should speak with Harlequin in the library (#3). He'll give you an Aegis Mk. 1 Launcher, he'll join your team (for free), and he'll allow you to hire two more shadowrunners to accompany you. Of the available runners, be sure to select the Tir Tairngire Ghost. He'll have a launcher as one of his weapons, and combined with Harlequin, who will also have a launcher, you'll be able to take three with you on the mission (which is a good idea since you'll be facing lots of bugs). You won't really need a decker (or a deck, if you're playing a decker).

1 - Entrance Hall

2 - Office

3 - Library

4 - Sitting Room